Someone Died On 'HTGAWM'

It's not an episode of How To Get Away With Murder unless someone dies. The Season 3 premiere had a pretty big cliffhanger, so you're probably wondering who is dead on HTGAWM, right? Well, we know it's not Annalise if that's of any help. The teaser for next week's episode hinted that each week we'd find out who it wasn't, but that probably means it'll be a long time before we find out who the body under the sheet actually was.

There are a few clues, though, the main one being Annalise's reaction. She was beyond devastated to see the person who had died, so she clearly cared a lot about them. Not a lot shakes Annalise up, so you know this has to be a big deal. That being said, I've come up with a few options.

For one: Nate. Just prior to the scene with the body, Nate came in to Annalise's apartment to surprise her. Timeline-wise, it wasn't right before, but scene-wise it was. That kind of juxtaposition has to mean something, right? Plus, I think Annalise would be pretty upset if her beau kicked the bucket. Speaking of lovers, though, last season we were introduced to Eve, Annalise's ex who she definitely still had feelings for. Perhaps Eve is under the blanket.

Option number three: Bonnie. Fans learned last season why Annalise is so protective over Bonnie, because she knows she was molested as a child. The two have been inseparable in their work life, and, even though there was that whole blip of Bonnie being into Annalise's husband, I think they've gotten past that. Annalise would be torn up over her colleague's death.

Another possibility? Wes. Annalise has always had a soft spot for her student, with some theorizing once upon a time that she was his mom. She's not, but she does care an awful lot about him. Wes is just about the only student I think Annalise would cry over. Finally? I think the person could be Frank. Sure, Annalise hates him now for his role in her child's death, but this show is full of twists and turns, flashbacks and flashforwards. Perhaps the currently on-the-run Frank makes up with Annalise at some point. They used to be quite close before everything happened. Plus, Bonnie said she thought he was dead earlier in the episode (although viewers knew he was just in hiding), but maybe that was foreshadowing.

Whoever it is, it's going to be an interesting mystery to solve this season — with plenty of red herrings along the way, I'm sure.

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