How Much Is Forever 21's Rainbow Highlighter? This Product Won't Break The Bank

If you didn't get a change to stock up on the quirky, multi-color cheek powder yet, then you're in luck. PopSugar reported that Forever 21 created a rainbow highlighter that is absolutely gorgeous. The indie product has taken the beauty world by storm to say the least. How much is Forever 21's rainbow highlighter? It's just as affordable as some of the others out there.

I know what you're thinking. Doesn't Forever 21 sell clothing? Yes, but they actually have an entire beauty section too. On top of their makeup bags and nail polishes, they just rolled out a rainbow highlighter. The clear compact houses six different shades all lined up to make one seriously shimmery product. It's a pretty great price too. The multi-colored highlighter is only $5.90.

Not only is the price great because, well, saving money is awesome. It also give you the opportunity to try out the unconventional beauty trend without breaking the bank. It's also in stock, which is pretty exciting because many other rainbow highlighters on the market are currently no where to be found. There's no telling how many are left, or how fast they're selling though. That means you should probably head over there and grab one while you still can.

Compact Facial Highlighter, $5.90,

This is hardly the first rainbow highlighter on the market. The first time the beauty world took notice of the unconventional item was when Bitter.Lace.Beauty. rolled one out a few months ago. Then Wet N Wild came out with their own version, which sold out in just hour. Since they're both out-of-stock, Forever 21's is a great alternative.

Compact Facial Highlighter, $5.90,

Look at that shine! You can tell that it packs a punch, just from the photo. Forever 21's actually isn't the most affordable one on the market (Wet N Wild's was only $4.99), but it's not going to take your entire life savings to purchase. Whether you're buying one for yourself, a friend, or both, you can totally swing it.

Compact Facial Highlighter, $5.90,

Something tells me that this highlighter won't be around for long. I would head over to the site, before it's gone for good just like the others.

Images: Forever 21 (3)