10 Signs You're Ophiuchus

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When news broke that scientists think there may be a 13th astrological sign, people kind of flipped out. I mean, I get it — we've always known there to be 12 signs. This was a constant everybody could count on, and all of a sudden, we learn what we've believed our whole lives may not be true? It kind of reminds me of that time scientists decided Pluto was not really a planet — it just makes you wonder what else they're lying to us about. Those pesky scientists. Anyway, the elusive 13th sign, called Ophiuchus, may represent people born between Nov. 29 through Dec. 17 — however, it's worth noting that not everyone is convinced that this 13th astrological sign is a real thing. But if it does exist, here are some signs you're Ophiuchus, other than your birthday (that would be too easy!).

1. You're An Upbeat, Funny Person

According to, people with the sign Ophiuchus are generally happy people with a positive attitude — something not many other signs can claim. They also have a good sense of humor, which is often infectious. In other words, if you're the life of the party, you may be an Ophiuchus.

2. You're Curious And Open To Change says that people with this sign are receptive and open to change, which works out well because they also happen to be naturally curious. The International Business Times classifies Ophiuchus as a "seeker of wisdom and knowledge," which is right up the same alley.

3. Authority Figures Like You

One trait I saw across multiple articles about Ophiuchans (that's what they're called, FYI) was that they are looked upon well by people in positions of authority. I wonder if it has to do with the aforementioned wisdom seeking and infectious personality. Whatever the reason, being liked by authority figures may not actually be a very useful trait for Ophiuchans, considering they tend to defy authority and are rebellious.

4. You Enjoy Dressing In Bright Colors

Seems random, but it's true: Ophiuchans have a "flamboyant dressing sense, favoring bright colors," the International Business Times points out.

5. You Tell The Truth

Ophiuchans tend to be truthful. As puts it, "Ophiuchus hates to waste time, and they have much less time to spare for creating lies to complicate matters for the world around them, especially if they know that it will have a negative effect on their lives." Kind of an unexpected reason to avoid lying — I would hope most of us tell the truth because it's the right thing to do, not necessarily the easiest — but a valid reason nonetheless.

6. You're Passionate

It's not all sunshine and rainbows for Ophiuchus. Sure, being passionate can be a good thing, but not always. That passion can lead to jealousy, arrogance, and a bad temper, some of the less-than-wonderful sides to being Ophiuchus. Hey, nobody's perfect.

7. You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Ophiuchans can be hypercritical of themselves and of others. Since Ophiuchans themselves know they can accomplish great things, they can become easily impatient with other people, presumably for not being as awesome. Raise your hand if you've ever felt that way before.

8. You're A Wanderer

People with this astrological sign may feel the need to wander and take risks. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, but it can lead to separation from their family and loved ones. Something to keep in mind if you have wanderlust — there are downsides.

9. You're Smart And Creative

Ophiuchans kind of hit the jackpot there. It's not super common to be both intelligent and creative, but you can do both.

10. You Trust Your Instincts

This is, I think, a valuable trait: Ophiuchans may be dominated by their emotions and feelings (see: being passionate), but that means that they follow their hearts and intuitions and have confidence in the decisions they make. As a chronic second-guesser, I need to take a page from the Ophiuchus playbook.

These are just some of the many personality traits ascribed to people who fall under the Ophiuchus sign. If you never felt like the Sagittarius or Scorpio label fit you, and you feel more at home as an Ophiuchus, great! If, however, you're still not convinced that Ophiuchus is a true sign, that's cool too. There really are no right or wrong answers here — just whatever feels right to you.

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