Where To Get Halloween Makeup On Sale, Because Everyone Hates Scary Price Tags

Halloween makeup is one of those things that you end up buying every year. So if you want to save some money, you'll want to know where to get Halloween makeup on sale, because you can't really rock a creepy costume without it. As makeup doesn't usually have a lengthy use-by date, you'll likely find yourself throwing out your white face paint and your fake blood before the next Halloween rolls around — making it one of those annual things you buy every fall, like a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

With Halloween makeup being such a necessity to All Hallow's Eve revellers, it makes sense that you might not want to spend an arm and a leg every autumn. Social media sites like YouTube and Instagram have seriously upped the stakes when it comes to Halloween makeup; there are tons of insane tutorials and beautifully spooky snaps to die for. However, you could argue that with all of the beauty inspo readily available at your fingertips, there's added pressure to put more effort into your Halloween costume, including your makeup.

You could get away with using your regular makeup for your costume if you're broke, but it probably won't look quite as legit as the real deal. So if you want Halloween makeup on a budget, you'll want to hit up the following stores that currently have spooktacular sales on.

Glittery Halloween Lip Gloss Set, $6.99, claires.com

Hop on your virtual broom and scoot on over to the Claire's website, where tons of Halloween makeup is "Buy 3 Get 3 Free."

Fluorescent Orange Glow in The Dark Speckled Nail Polish, $5.99, claires.com

From your face paint to your nail varnish, Claire's has basically every base covered when it comes to Halloween beauty.

Spider Face Tattoo, $6.99, claires.com

Lazy gals who want to look fabulously frightening with minimal effort will love Claire's range of Halloween themed face tattoos.

Wolfe Fx Bright Colors Makeup Sticks, $3, target.com

Folks shopping online at Target can take advantage of twenty-five percent off select Halloween items, including these bright face paint sticks.

Wolfe Fx Water Activated Vampire Makeup Kit, $4, target.com

If you're wanting to go down a spookier route, this Vampire Makeup Kit also comes under the offer right now.

Graftobian Theatrical Stage Blood 8-Oz, $12.99, target.com

Halloween wouldn't be the same without lashings of fake blood, so get yours while it's on sale!

Blackheart Beauty Face & Body Black Paint, $3.12, hottopic.com

Hot Topic is offering online shoppers twenty percent off for a limited time. There's a whole host of Halloween makeup you can treat yourself to, like this black face and body paint that's sure to come in handy for an array of Halloween looks.

Broken Doll Makeup Kit, $8.72, hottopic.com

This Broken Doll Makeup Kit does all the hard work for you! It comes complete with temporary tattoos to make it appear as if you have cracked your pretty porcelain skull.

Cinema Secrets Woochie Spirit Gum & Remover, $7.12, hottopic.com

Ghouls looking to get really creative this year need to get their claws on this spirit gum and remover pack, to create some gory SFX makeup.

Zombie Flesh Carded Halloween Makeup, $4.21, walmart.com

Don't forget to take a trip over to Walmart's website that includes a bunch of Halloween makeup on offer, like this Zombie Flesh makeup that was $6.99 and is now $4.21.

Manic Panic Pressed Powder Makeup, $16.50, amazon.com

Of course, Amazon always has plenty of bargains to be had. This Manic Panic Pressed Powder Makeup was $24.99 and is now $16.50 — that's a monstrous saving of $8.49! To find the most spine-tingling offers, type "Halloween makeup" into Amazon's search bar after selecting the Beauty & Personal Care department. After this, scroll down and take a peek on the left under "Discount" and choose to view products marked "10% Off or More" and further increments up to "70% Off or More." IMO, half of the fun is searching for the best deals.

Hunting for Halloween makeup on sale needn't be scary — there are plenty of stores featuring some rad deals, so don't get spooked by high price tags or be haunted by buyer's remorse this year!

Images: Courtesy Brands