11 Crazy Realistic Halloween Makeup Tutorials

When choosing a Halloween costume, true horror fans will only have one question on their minds: Which costume will literally scare the crap out of everyone? If this sounds like you, you're going to want to get in on the trend that is realistic Halloween makeup tutorials, in order to give your ensemble an eerie edge. Of course, you could wear a terrifying mask, but if you're a creative creepster, you'll probably want to get stuck into your next project.

A word of warning – realistic Halloween makeup is not for the faint-hearted. If you feel lightheaded at the sight of blood or cover your eyes during the gory scenes in slasher movies, you might want to go down the more cutesy, spooky route. However, if you're someone who believes you could do a better job creating the SFX in your favorite horror films, or you've got a morbid itch in your black soul that needs scratching, you're sure to love realistic style Halloween makeup.

Besides, there's not much that can beat the feeling of pulling off a prank and making your friends and family pee their pants – figuratively or literally. The following tutorials are probably not suitable to sport in the presence of kids, unless you want to scar them for life, so it goes without saying that this hardcore makeup is for adult audiences only. It's time to get your freak on...

1. The Slit Throat

Slit throat makeup makes for a terrifying addition to any Halloween costume.

2. The Zipper Face

Lazy gals will love this cool zipper makeup which is easy to create. Depending on where you buy your supplies from, you might even find a special kit with everything you need. Once you've completed your zipped up look, just throw on a frock and your Halloween costume is ready!

3. The Stitched Lips

Folks who are looking for something a little less bloody can opt for a stitched up makeup look that, although a little fiddly, looks super easy to recreate.

4. The Puzzle Piece

Fans of the Saw movies will love this grotesque puzzle piece look. You'll need a handful of products to recreate it, but the end result is so worth it.

5. The Snapchat Filters IRL

If you're a social media socialite or you want to put a spotlight on our generation's obsession with social media, choose one of these gruesome looks inspired by Snapchat.

6. The 3D Spider

This is an awesome look for scaring any arachnophobes at your Halloween party – you'll have to keep a tally of how many people you fool!

7. The Creepy Doll

If you're going to be a doll for Halloween, you can look creepy and cute all at once with this spine-tingling tutorial.

8. The Zombie Barbie

Chances are, you're going to bump into a Barbie girl on All Hallow's Eve, but a zombie Barbie with decaying flesh? That's way more unique!

9. The Nightmarish Clown

You might want to ask ahead to ensure there's no-one at your Halloween party with a serious clown phobia, otherwise this makeup is sure to give them night terrors.

10. The Enchanting Angel

Gals who want to go for something epic, but a little less scary, will be glad to see this heavenly tutorial that'll help transform them into ethereal angels.

11. The Hooked Little Mermaid

Disney and mermaid fans alike will fall head over fins for this macabre makeup look. Put a dark spin on the Disney Princess costume with this realistic makeup and you're sure to stand out this Halloween. If Ariel's not your fave Disney Princess, check out Glam&Gore's YouTube channel for more beautifully twisted tutorials, like Burnt Belle or Sick Snow White.

No matter your style, there's a realistic Halloween makeup look for everyone. So start creating your masterpiece and give everyone a Halloween costume to remember!

Image: Shaaanxo/YouTube