16 Disney-Inspired Beauty Looks You Can Totally Slay In Real Life, Princess Or Not — VIDEOS

While Halloween may be right around the corner, that doesn't mean you have to relegate your love of Disney to that holiday alone. These 16 Disney-Inspired beauty looks work in real life, and you can carry your love of your favorite Disney characters wherever you go without being that one woman with shockingly pink cheeks or a red bow tied into her hair. Plus, wigs aren't always required which definitely helps with the wearability because let's be honest, we can't all be Kylie Jenner.

Disney princess and character looks have long been one of the most sought after beauty tutorials on the web because of Halloween. However, the great thing about Disney is that its female heroines have beauty looks that range from daytime pretty to looks perfect for an evening out on the town.

Some of Disney's most iconic characters are full of beauty knowledge, and while some may criticize the emphasis placed on beauty in the Disney world, there's no harm in appreciating Snow White's gorgeous red lip or Rapunzel's lashes. It's possible to appreciate Disney princess beauty while critiquing the messages being sent via some of the company's films.

Whether it's a more natural Cinderella-inspired look or something Princess Tiana would rock, there's a Disney-inspired beauty look for everyone.

1. Cinderella

Kaushal Beauty on YouTube

So gorgeously glam.

2. Minnie Mouse

Sephora on YouTube

Who said everyone had to be a princess?

3. Esmerelda

dope2111 on YouTube

This look would even work for a night on the town.

4. Everyday Disney

Rachelle Val on YouTube

Want a look that's not princess specific? This one's for you!

5. Ariel

Kandee Johnson on YouTube

That pink lip is perfection.

6. Snow White

Emma Pickles on YouTube

Just a little less blush, and this tutorial is great for every day.

7. Lily James' Cinderella

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

Bold brows, here you come.

8. Belle

Kandee Johnson on YouTube

This everyday eye look is perfect for anyone.

9. Tiana

Oliive on YouTube

Tiana has always been my personal favorite.

10. Lion King

Disney Style on YouTube

While this tutorial may seem unusual, it's sooo pretty.

11. Maleficent

Disney Style on YouTube

While this tutorial is based on Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, it's nonetheless beautiful.

12. Piglet

Disney Style on YouTube

Not everything has to be Princess-centric, after all.

13. Pocahontas

Kandee Johnson on YouTube

Inspiration is great, but make sure you're being culturally sensitive!

14. Elsa

Disney Style on YouTube

This wearable Elsa look is stunning.

15. Peter Pan

Disney Style on YouTube

You're set for Neverland!

16. White Queen

Courtney Little Makeup on YouTube

While the base of this look is light, the simple eyes and bold lip are totally statement making.

Images: Sephora/YouTube