How Much Is Bitter Lace Beauty's "I Put A Spell On You" Liquid Highlighter? Here's What You Need To Know

If you thought the powder Halloween highlighters were great, just wait until you see this. Bitter Lace Beauty is launching its first liquid highlight ever, and it's arriving just in time for All Hallows Eve. Everything from the packaging to the molten shine is absolutely spot on. How much is Bitter Lace Beauty's "I Put A Spell On You" Highlighter? It's a little pricier than the powders, but not by much.

You might know the company specifically for the rainbow highlighter that the Internet went crazy over, but that's all about to change. Bitter Lace Beauty is upping the cheek shine game with an entire Halloween Highlighter Collection like you've never seen before. The brand started the holiday season by teasing four new powder highlighter shades on Instagram, then completely surprised fans by creating the first ever liquid product to be carried by the shop as well.

The highlighter is called I Put A Spell On You, and the name isn't the only aspect that makes it perfect for the spooky holiday. The silvery, ultra glittery liquid highlight comes in a glass skull-shaped bottle with a dropper on the end. You have a few options when it comes to shopping. You can either buy it alone for $30, which is $2 more than the powders, or buy the entire five-piece set for $132, which is a pretty awesome deal considering how lovely these highlights are.

Don't let the packaging fool you though. This shimmer is perfect for all year 'round. According to the company's Instagram post, it's a water-based, non-greasy formula that's made by hand. Bitter Lace Beauty's caption also says that you can use it alone or as a base for the other shades.

With Halloween right around the corner, you don't have much longer to wait. All five of the shades will be available on Oct. 1 at 3pm EST. The only downside is that this will probably be the only launch, since they're all handmade and it seems like they are limited edition as well.

Mark your calendars for the launch day, because there's no doubt in my mind that this liquid highlight will be a bestseller!

Images: Bitter.Lace.Beauty/Instagram (1)