'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Alums Who Should Date

I feel bad for a lot of the people who go on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, because there can only be one winner at the end. Thankfully, Bachelor in Paradise has changed that up a little bit and allows multiple cast members to get into relationships, but even still, there are so many great Bachelor stars left over and still single. This makes me wish that I could play matchmaker and tell Bachelor alums about the fellow former contestants they should date.

Every season it kills me to see so many great cast members fail to find love. There are so many gems that it makes me wish that there was a special members only app for Bachelor and Bachelorette alums to match up with each other. Sadly, I don't have the technology to set that up, but I am just hoping that the people in the Bachelor family end up following my suggestions.

It's tough watching these seasons, getting to know the contestants, and then seeing them miss out on a chance at love. I always wish I could jump through the TV screen and give them hugs while they're sobbing on that limo ride home. If they follow my dating ideas below, though, then going on the show will still be all worth it.

1. Daniel Maguire & Alexis Waters

Without a doubt, Daniel Maguire and Alexis Waters are two of the funniest people out of the most recent Bachelor shows. They would be the most hilarious couple hands down. Plus, I want to see if a dolphin will get along with a bald eagle.

2. Wells Adams & Ashley Iaconetti

I have no idea how Wells went from being the only dude holding out on kissing JoJo Fletcher to the man in a love square on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, but I was all about it. I just wish that he had joined the show sooner so he could have had more time to spend with Ashley. There was an obvious care and respect between the two, and I would love to see them make it work.

3. Luke Pell & Jen Saviano

Both Luke and Jen were affected by the decision to make Nick Viall the Bachelor. Luke was thought to be the front-runner to be the Bachelor and Jen obviously did not keep dating Nick after Paradise. They should come together over their connection.

4. Taylor Nolan & Alex Woytkiw

Unfortunately, Taylor got caught up in her feud with Corinne Olympios and never got to make a real connection with Nick Viall. And Alex seemed so focused on fighting with Chad Johnson that he never really sparked with JoJo Fletcher. These two need to move away from the cast feuds and focus on finding love... with each other.

5. Jubilee Sharpe & Christian Bishop

These two narrowly missed each other on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. I thought Christian was so sweet on JoJo's Bachelorette season and when he tried to woo Sarah Herron on BiP. He just seems like a genuine person and that's what my girl Jubilee needs. Plus, Christian is a personal trainer and Jubilee is a war veteran, two fields that require a lot of discipline, so I think they might have similar personalities.

6. Vinny Ventiera & Izzy Goodkind

They were the realist couple in Paradise, and then Izzy decided to ditch Vinny for a dude with a lamp. It was so hard to watch, and I kind of hated Izzy, if I'm being honest, but when I saw her and Vinny on After Paradise, I felt a lot chemistry between the two. It would be sweet if they could work it out.

7. Kristina Schulman & Chris Strandburg

Cupcake Chris and Kristina would be a match made in dental heaven. He's a dentist and she's a dental hygienist. He lives in Tennessee and she's in Kentucky, which means they live pretty close to each other, too, making this a realistic match.

8. Emily Ferguson & Chase McNary

I feel like Emily and Chase were both completely blindsided when they got dumped during their respective seasons. Emily felt on top of the world after she got to spend quality time with Ben's parents. Chase was in the fantasy suite ready for some camera-free time with JoJo. And then β€” boom β€” they both got the shaft and the tears started flowing. They both deserve a do-over so it might as well be with each other.

9. Jasmine Goode & Jared Haibon

I feel like every former Bachelor contestant ends up wanting to date Jared at some point, so why wouldn't Jasmine? Plus, I feel like they would balance each other out since she has so much energy and he's on the chill side.

10. Andi Dorfman & Chris Harrison

Yes, I know that Chris Harrison isn't a contestant on this show, but he deserves to find love, too. There were so many rumors about Andi and Chris being a thing, but it never actually ended up happening. The more I stalk them on social media and look back on clips of the two of them, I am totally feeling a vibe. They just need to break tradition and go for it.

All of these people deserve to be happy in love, so I am just hoping that they take my recommendations to heart. And if they do, I hope that I get invited to the weddings.

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