‘Real Housewives Of New York City’ Won’t Be The Same Without Jules Wainstein

Earlier this month, Jules Wainstein confirmed The Thing I Hoped Wasn't True is indeed true: she will not return to The Real Housewives of New York City . Her maiden voyage on the Bravo Ocean was her last. However, given everything that’s been going on in her personal life as of late, this news didn’t exactly come out of left field; earlier this year, Wainstein and husband Michael Wainstein filed for divorce, and it’s been, uh, complicated (to say the least). I totally get not wanting to put a (presumably) messy divorce on national television, especially when there are kids involved. And yet, I’m still bummed to see her leave. RHONY just won’t be the same without Jules, ya know?

I wouldn’t say Jules’s Real Housewives debut was the greatest Real Housewives debut of all time (we can’t all be super sleuth Meghan King Edmonds, Siggy Flicker sipping lobster bisque through a straw, or Erika Girardi/Erika Jayne), but it was pretty dang good. Thanks to things like the potty training coach scene and the weird silverware-stuffed calzone prank, I was stoked to see what else she had in store. She could've been a contender. A Bravolebrity legend contender.

Here's what the show will be missing now that Jules has hung up her RH hat:

1. Modern Alkeme Will No Longer Be Part Of The Series

Yeah, yeah, this franchise is up to its Botoxed eyeballs in entrepreneurial endeavors, but ya know what? I was ready to watch Jules the alchemist, er, alkemist try to spin the murky health beverage line into an empire. Something about it (I think it might be the spooky spicy ghost pepper) speaks to me, OK? I believe in Modern Alkeme.

2. Luann Will No Longer Have Her Berkshires Heart-To-Heart Scene Partner

Jules and Luann de Lesseps’s all-venting, no-listening scene at Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires home was without a doubt one of the greatest scenes in Real Housewives history. And Jules is partially to thank.

3. And Carole Will No Longer Have Her Berkshires Cupboard Eavesdropping Scene Partner

Remember when Carole Radziwill (or Radziville, if you’re Countess Luann) and Jules crept in to that kitchen pantry and listened in on Luann and Ramona’s conversation and talked about wallpaper? Truly an insta-classic moment.

4. Who Will Keep It This Real At The Reunion?

Throughout the the three-part RHONY Season 8 reunion, the cast took turns screaming at each other. Whether they were calling each other names, hurling serious accusations at each other, or putting cell phone calls on speaker, the New York Housewives kept the energy (and the aggression) at an eleven. And at one point, sweet Jules did this:

I feel you, Jules. I feel you.

5. This:


6. Nuggets Of Wisdom Like This:

I now do the same thing. Just replace "loud noises or glass smashing" with "buzzing," and you've got my go-to move whenever I'm around bugs.

7. And Finally, No More Pistachio

Actually, that one is probably for the better.

Miss you already, Jules. You facial-protecting gem, you.

Images: Heidi Gutman/Bravo; realhousewivesgifs (2)/tumblr; Bravo (2); giphy (2)