Discover Your 'GoT' House By Your Zodiac Sign

While you may love watching the power-hungry houses of Game of Thrones scramble for success, you may not necessarily want to emulate any of them. Still, since your horoscope can tell you about all aspects of your life, your zodiac sign can tell you which Game of Thrones house you belong in. If you're a believer in how the 12 traditional astrological signs define your personality depending on when you were born and you can't get enough of the most epic show to ever grace TV, then this Game of Thrones guide by zodiac sign is for you.

The characters in Game of Thrones believe in all sorts of religions, mythologies, and ideologies, but they've probably never heard of a daily horoscope. Yet, I'm inclined to believe that if they knew about the zodiac signs, that many characters would be down to define themselves by what the stars say (it's gotta beat believing in the Lord of the Light). No matter if the Game of Thrones characters would put any stock into astrological signs, you still can and because of that, you can discover which house would most suit you based on the qualities that epitomize each sign.

Now, Westeros has the ability to make people capable of some pretty horrific things, so don't take offense if you are not a fan of the house that relates to your zodiac sign. Hopefully, you can see the good character traits (as well as the bad) that make your sign compatible with the following Game of Thrones house.

Aries — House Targaryen

Of course the Targaryens need to be a fire sign, but it's not just their dragons that make Aries able to relate to them. Aries are natural leaders that people want to follow, thanks to their enthusiasm, confidence, and dynamic personalities — like Daenerys has. The Mother of Dragons also highlights that less flattering side of the ram sign with her impulsive and aggressive decision-making with a short temper to boot. Yet this forcefulness propels Dany (and Aries) to succeed and while people will always want to be around them, they're independent enough to pave their own way.

Taurus — House Tyrell

Taurus is represented by the bull and while that's not necessarily an eloquent animal, people with this sign care for the finer things in life. Bulls are also powerful and quite unmoving in their decisions and this practical and stubborn leadership that is attractive to many has been shown in the women of House Tyrell with Margaery (RIP) and Olenna. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the house sigil is a rose since people with the Taurus sign have an appreciation for beautiful things and an affinity for gardening.

Gemini — The Faceless Men

While I realize the Faceless Men aren't technically part of a house in Game of Thrones, would you rather be associated with House Frey of the Twins? Uh, I didn't think so. Gemini is represented by the twins since people under this sign are known for having two personalities — one that is outgoing and fun, the other that is more thoughtful and serious. The negative side of Gemini is that you can be two-faced, but either way, being a part of the Faceless Men would allow a Gemini to be able to change his or her face and attitude whenever the Many-Faced God allowed it.

Cancer — House Baelish

If you're willing to ignore that whole part about Cancers being loyal, then you might be able to see why Petyr Baelish represents the crab sign. He's persuasive and tenacious, but also a bit needy when it comes to his pursuit of love and power. Little Finger is basically the definition of the word "manipulator" and his incredible intelligence, creativeness, and powers of observation help him succeed. However, you know deep down that he is trying to compensate for never being loved by Catelyn, which explains his moodiness and insecurities that sometimes plague a Cancer. And hey, with his newfound devotion to Sansa, Little Finger may just prove he can be loyal like a Cancer after all.

Leo — House Lannister

Besides Leos and the Lannisters sharing the same symbol of a lion, both are natural born leaders with a healthy ego. While Cersei as queen of Westeros does not instill much confidence, there's no denying that she's a dominant personality. Like the Lannisters, Leos are charismatic and at times, arrogant, and when it comes to love, you're very faithful and ruled by emotions — which just might explain that whole Cersei-Jaime thing. (Don't worry, Leos! I promise I don't think you're incestuous.)

Virgo — House Stark

People with the earth sign Virgo are characterized by their compassion and their desire to do the right thing, so is there a more fitting house to be in than House Stark? Virgos are loyal, determined, and hardworking, which can often be interpreted as cold (winter is coming, after all). They are capable problem solvers with a great memory that sometimes leads them to dwell on the past and hold a grudge (ahem, Arya). Virgos are good to have on your side, just like the Starks.

Libra — House Arryn

While Lysa was born a Tully, she's the Arryn that Game of Thrones fans are most familiar with. So you have to look past her to her husband Jon Arryn, who was Hand of the King to Robert, to get the diplomatic side of the Libra sign. Jon was a peacekeeper, like Libras, and his inability to rein King Robert in speaks to Libra's dislike of confrontation. And though the Moon Door and those sky cells are not the most delightful thing, you gotta admit that the Eyrie has a certain attractive style that Libras love to surround themselves with.

Scorpio — House Greyjoy

Considering that the seafaring Greyjoys of the Iron Islands believe, "What is dead may never die," what better sign to be than the resilient water sign of Scorpio. Scorpios can be distrusting, jealous, and violent, but they are also fierce, deep, and independent. While Theon hasn't always been the epitome of Greyjoy characteristics, Scorpios can look to his sister Yara for inspiration.

Sagittarius — House Baratheon

Stannis was anything but dynamic, but there is no denying that Robert and Renly were characters. The Sagittarius sign is known for being extroverted and having a great sense of humor, while being blunt and undiplomatic at times. People who are in the Sagittarius sign are also adventurers who like their freedom and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, much like the Baratheon brothers (Robert's Rebellion, anyone?). Unfortunately, Renly and Stannis did not have the luck that is often associated with the Sagittarius sign when they attempted to rule Westeros after their brother died.

Capricorn — House Mormont

While the Mormonts aren't particularly powerful, they're a loyal bunch who make good leaders, like Jorah, Lyanna, and Jeor have all proved over the course of Game of Thrones. Capricorns like tradition and are practical with a stubborn streak. They know how to do things the right way and are also very patient when it comes to what they want, just like Jorah in his outrageously steady devotion to Dany.

Aquarius — House Martell

Although Oberyn Martell was the farthest thing from being unemotional or aloof, he did share the original wit and uncompromising behavior that characterizes an Aquarius and his brother Doran represents the more pensive nature of the sign. Either way, both Martell brothers were intelligent and enjoyed their independence from King's Landing. This house is certainly the most progressive as well, just like an Aquarius, since they allowed both men and women to rule — not to mention, the unrestricted sexual practices that Oberyn liked to dabble in.

Pisces — House Tully

Not only do the fish symbols for House Tully and Pisces resemble each other, the water sign Pisces can often play the martyr, which is taken literally when looked at Catelyn and her uncle Brynden. Pisces are wise and sensitive and mold well into their surroundings, which all of the children of the Tullys of Riverrun — Edmure, Catelyn, and Lysa — had or have done to some extent, whether you like how they adapted or not. While being compared to Edmure or Lysa is probably never a good thing, look to Catelyn as an example of the compassion (but not for Jon Snow!) and intuitiveness that you as a Pisces have.

Whether you follow astrology or pray to the old gods and the new, you now know which Game of Thrones house you belong in.

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