A ‘Dynasty’ Reboot Is Happening Thanks To The 'Gossip Girl' Creators, So It's Time To Brush Up On The Original

Holy hair, y’all: The ‘80s are coming back in a major way. It was announced Friday that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (aka, the team behind Gossip Girl) are working on a Dynasty reboot for The CW, and I for one am all for this amazing throwback. But for audiences who are newer to the show, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly Dynasty is even about. Just in case you are, you should prepare yourself for one heck of a walk down memory lane, because Dynasty was the show to watch for, like, all of the ‘80s. It was the fodder for pretty much all water cooler conversations and was one of the first television shows to tease and entice its viewership with some serious family drama.

As much as some viewers might think that an iconic ‘80s show like Dynasty is better left in the past, I think this is actually the perfect time to revive it. With more reboots than I know what to do with in the works, it makes a lot of sense to me that The CW would capitalize on what was once the most popular show in America and bring it back to life. Especially when that show had such a great premise.

Originally airing on ABC from 1981-1989, Dynasty followed the Carrington family, an extremely wealthy group who was led by their oil tycoon patriarch Blake Carrington. The family lived in a 48-room mansion in Denver, Colorado — because, really, 47 rooms just isn’t enough — where they sinned regularly, fought often, and stirred up a whole lot of drama.

The original series dealt with Blake’s marriage to a young woman whom his family doesn’t necessarily approve of. Blake’s headstrong daughter resents her, while his son feels an odd allegiance to her. As the show progresses, other cast members joined in on the soapy drama, including Joan Collins and Heather Locklear. The series was one of the first primetime shows that felt very much like a soap opera, and with the recent success of melodramas such as Jane the Virgin, it’s no wonder that The CW is interested in making the most of this hit show.

Now let’s all cross our fingers and hope that they keep this reboot a period piece. Dynasty really wouldn’t be the same without all of that hair. And all of those shoulder pads.

Image: CBS Television Distribution (2)