Get Ready For Vans x 'Toy Story'

Seemingly designed to pull right on our nostalgic heartstrings, the upcoming Vans x Toy Story shoe line is certainly something to get excited about. Inspired by the first iconic Pixar film, it's the latest in a long line of fun Disney-fueled collabs, from the Urban Decay x Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass capsule collection, to the retro-chic Minnie Mouse line at Sephora, to the ridiculously on-poing Jungle Book -inspired collection from Kenzo. Like all of the collaborations before it, the new Toy Story line from Vans promises its own unique brand of fun, with a whole host of fan-friendly details, like the "ANDY" (sometimes with that classic backwards "N") that comes scrawled across the soles of the shoes.

The Vans x Toy Story collection encompasses many of Vans' most popular shoe styles, including their high-tops and slip-ons, and also includes options in kids' sizes. Most of the shoes are inspired by specific characters from the first movie, with pink floral Bo-Peep-themed shoes detailed with suede, glow-in-the-dark alien-printed sneakers, and Woody-esque cowboy boot-inspired leather high tops. You'll also love the sneakers that come with a decidedly Buzz Lightyear futuristic color scheme, as well as the slip-ons emblazoned with Sid's creepy cadre of toys.

Plus, in addition to all the shoes, the collection will include fun accessories such as backpacks, which basically makes it a holiday season dream come true. All your gift shopping problems are solved; you need look no further than this new Toy Story collection.

Weirdly enough, Toy Story is set to hit legal drinking age next month — so maybe the new Vans collab is a way to celebrate their 21st birthday? No matter what the reasoning is behind the collection, it's something to look forward as we head into the holiday season.

Vans x Toy Story is set to hit shelves on November 29.

Images: Courtesy Brands