This Lady Gaga 'AHS' Theory May Explain Her Motive

We may already be multiple episodes into the season, but the theories surrounding American Horror Story: Roanoke are still more prominent than ever. Because let's be honest, we still don't really know what the heck is going on this season. Not really, anyway, especially in regards to Lady Gaga's character. Is she a witch who is actually the real brains behind The Butcher's actions? Is she a wood nymph who's simply misunderstood? Right now it's anyone's guess, but considering her character just had sex with Matt (who seemed unable to recall it ever happening), I'd say there's more going on with her than meets the eye. In fact, there is one Lady Gaga AHS: Roanoke theory out there which could explain why this seemingly random encounter was actually pretty pivotal for the show's over-arching plot.

So far, Roanoke has been chillingly similar to Murder House in a variety of different ways. The haunted house, the terrifying ghosts, the creepy Piggy Man, the struggling couple who just suffered from a miscarriage — all of these things can be linked back to a Murder House parallel. But why stop there? Much like how Vivien Harmon's sexual encounter with Rubber Man resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, could it be possible that Matt and Gaga's recent romp in the woods could produce (or should I say reproduce) similar results?

That's right, my friends, I think it's completely possible that another demon baby could be on its way to American Horror Story: Roanoke. After all, I seriously doubt Gaga's character desire to have sex with Matt came without an underlying purpose. She wanted it to happen for a specific reason, but why? What other reason could there be than to have him impregnate her? I suppose you could argue that she did it just to simply mess with his marriage since she seemed almost pleased when Shelby caught them in the act. But I think there was more to it than sheer spite.

It's safe to say that Gaga's character has some kind of special powers/abilities that allowed her to help rejuvenate The Butcher and bring her back to full strength. But maybe she's looking to do more with her powers than she's currently able to among her ghostly colony friends. Maybe only a human man could give her a child that could one day grow up to be even more powerful than her.

Granted, this is all mere speculation at this point, but given all of the striking similarities between Roanoke and Murder House , the idea doesn't only seem possible, but highly probable. Not to mention the fact that pigs are also used to symbolize fertility. So considering all of the pig imagery we've seen throughout the course of this season so far, it could be that Ryan Murphy is trying to tell us what's coming — and that something may very well be the spawn of Satan.

Image: horrorstorygifs/Tumblr