15 Best Halloween Lip Art Tutorials That'll Turn Your Pout Into A Spooky Masterpiece — PHOTOS

As Oct. 31 approaches, it's easy to get so caught up on finding the perfect costume that you forget about the power of makeup. Jazzing up your pout with some amazing Halloween lip art can save you when you're on the hunt for a last minute costume idea or you just simply can't be bothered with putting together a crazy look.

As impressive as a full face of paint and special effects makeup sounds, not everyone is a pro artist when it comes to Halloween looks — and you don't always have the time and resources. Focusing all of your creative juices on a single feature like your lips can still make a big statement. With plenty of captivating looks to choose from, the right lip art can show off your skills in a major way.

Nothing is off limits when it comes to a good Halloween lippie. Before you know it, your smackers could be covered in all of the glitter, fake blood, and spikes money can buy. Sure, you'll probably have to avoid drinking, eating, and making any sharp mouth movements. But if you take on any of these 15 lip art tutorials, you'll be turning heads all night this Halloween.

1. Jack-O'-Lantern

Nothing says Halloween quite like a jack-o'-lantern. They're pretty standard at this point.

Vlada Haggerty on YouTube

2. Pop Art Lips

Give your pucker a cartoonish flair by painting them in the pop art style. It's really easy to duplicate.

Jordan Hanz on YouTube

3. Sugar Lips

Cupcake lip art will really help induce your sugar rush this Halloween.

BeautifulYouTV on YouTube

4. Mermaid Scales

Scales for lips takes a mermaid costume to the next level. Or better yet, skip the seashell bra and fish tail and just go all out on your lips!

Ryan Kelly on YouTube

5. Stitched Mouth

Gory special effects makeup is how you truly do Halloween justice. You might have to break out the sewing kit for this one, but the finished look is so worth it.

filmstation3000 on YouTube

6. Graveyard

If you don't have a specific costume planned, painting a graveyard scene on your lips can get your look ready for a night of spooky fun.

MsMaoMaoz on YouTube

7. Blood Splatter

One of the easiest lip art looks to create, blood splattered lips are a creepy addition to any zombie, vampire, or ghoul costume.

Eyedolize Makeup on YouTube

8. Spider Webs

Show off some intricate line work by drawing spider webs onto a metallic lippie for some instant Halloween glam.

GlossyLipsArt on YouTube

9. Toothy Smile

The spookier, the better! Smeared blood and an extra set of chompers makes for the perfect Halloween lip art.

Melissa Bernard on YouTube

10. Third Eye

'Tis the season for body parts in all the wrong places. A third eye painted on your lips will easily distract anyone from noticing a nonexistent costume.

BeautifulYouTV on YouTube

11. Lip Injections Gone Wrong

Blistering lip injections are the way to go if you want all eyes on your pout. It's almost too creepy to look at, but that's the point, right?

Irishcel507 on YouTube

12. Galaxy Lips

You don't have to go the spooky route. Halloween is the best time to get artistic and break out an intergalactic lip.

Miss Jazmina on YouTube

13. Gory Lips

Why not really up the gross factor on your Halloween lip art? A little tissue goes a long way in creating the bloodiest, gashed lip your imagination can conjure up.

HouseofBeauty Co on YouTube

14. Harley Quinn

You could set your Harley Quinn costume apart from the others by giving your lips some extra attention.

Ryan Kelly on YouTube

15. Dripping Glitter

You'll probably leave a trail of gloss on every cup you touch, but a dripping glitter lippie is just too captivating not to want to try.

Sarah Steller on YouTube

Whether your look needs a wow factor or you don't have a costume idea at all, the right Halloween lip art can really give you an edge this year. By all means, get creative — that's the true essence of Halloween! But if you have no idea where to start, there's definitely a tutorial out there to show you how to get wild with your pout.

Image: filmstation3000/YouTube