The Top Social Media Turnoffs For American Singles, Because They're Tired Of Oversharing

This week is National Pet Peeve week, a time for the internet to collectively complain about things that drive them nuts. (Wait, isn’t that every week? #KiddingNotKidding) In order to celebrate — or maybe “celeHATE” — the dating site Match put together a list of social media pet peeves compiled from their 2015 Singles in America survey. Since social media is definitely a space where we love to complain, and where people bug the sh*t out of us, I’d say that this is a particularly apt space to explore our pet peeves, wouldn’t you?

Pet peeves are funny because, as the name implies, they’re so particular and specific to each of us. For example, one of my pet peeves is the sound of other people chewing. Something about it just makes my skin crawl and while I can usually get over it (which is totally necessary, considering the fact that humans eat basically all of the time), I sometimes have to leave the room if someone is chewing too loudly. I also can’t stand it when my boyfriend wipes up spills with dish towels or when people block the sidewalk, and it drives me nuts when cars go under the speed limit on a busy road. I know, I know — all of those things are pretty minor. But they’re definitely my pet peeves.

When it comes to social media, my personal pet peeves are engagement photos on Facebook, trolls on Twitter (literally the worst of humanity), spammers on Instagram (I report all of them, like a one-woman Internet Neighborhood Watch group), random dudes hitting up my Facebook DMs with messages like “hello. you r very beuatifil and i want to b friends” (lose my profile, kthanx), and people using anything other than LinkedIn and Twitter to contact me about professional stuff (there are RULES in this world, people!). Since I spend the majority of my life online, these minor annoyances can definitely build up into major bummers throughout my week.

But what did Match’s survey find? Surprisingly, none of my personal pet peeves are on there. (I guess I’m my own special brand of neurotic?) Here are the top three social media pet peeves, according to Match’s Singles in America study.

1. Oversharing Like You’re A Guest On Jerry Springer


Seventy-three percent of respondents (65 percent of men and 78 percent of women) said that “airing emotional drama in posts” was their biggest social media pet peeve. Keep to yourself or only share IRL, please!

2. Going Hella Kim K On Those Selfies


No surprise here, but 57 percent (46 percent of men and 65 percent of women) said that “taking excessive selfies” was their number one social media pet peeve. But you know what? I say, forget the haters! If you’re feeling yourself and you want to share, share away! They can always unfollow if they don’t want to see your perfect face.

3. Getting Ex-tually Jealous


Fifty-five percent of respondents (49 percent of men and 59 percent of women) said that “asking you to un-friend your exes” was their number one social media pet peeve. As someone who tries really hard to maintain good relationships with my exes, I totally get why this one would be annoying. It also points to some potential insecurities that you may need to address, stat.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Giphy (3)