9 Last-Minute Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

The countdown is on until you and your best girl either do or don't have a slam-dunk of a Halloween costume idea. If you are still looking for the perfect ensembles, these last-minute best friend Halloween costume ideas are just what you need to get the creative juices flowing.

Don't beat yourself up about the fact that it might be a little late in the October game to start planning your look, just concentrate on making one happen. We all have reasons for procrastinating: Maybe you had so many brilliant costume ideas that it has been impossible to settle on just one; maybe, like every year, you really wanted to do something cool, but your desire for a shining moment in the Halloween limelight was nothing compared to the crushing weight of your own apathy and you just haven't gotten around to purchasing all the accessories; maybe you and the BFF couldn't agree.

Whatever the reason, inspiration for a last-minute costume can come from anywhere, so never fear, you are definitely going to find a theme you both love, and there is still plenty of time to kill it. These nine BFF costumes are the perfect place to start your search.

1. Party Animals

Ride off into the Halloween sunset on an adult animal onesie and a dream ($25.50-$37.90, Amazon.com). Those things can get pretty steamy, so prepare to spend some time out of character near the end of the night. Champagne optional.

2. Glow-In-The-Dark Unicorns

Because neither one of you should have to give up on your dream of being a magical creature for the night. The majority of this costume is up to your interpretation, but non-negotiables include UV body paint ($24.95, Amazon.com), fantasy wigs ($20, Amazon.com), and a horn ($20, Amazon.com).

3. Disney Twin-Cesses

You can't decide whether you're more of an Ariel or a Belle, so at the very least you can rep them both between the two of you. A pretty red wig ($12.99, Amazon.com) a clamshell-inspired top ($3.77, Amazon.com), and a mermaid skirt ($49, Amazon.com) takes care of Ariel; Belle needs a blue frock ($24.99, Amazon.com), an apron ($9.99, Amazon.com), and of course, a few books.

4. Alvin And The Chipmunks

Who says you can't have two best friends? If you're trying to decide which BFF gets your hand in Halloween matrimony, this costume settles it. Pick up an oversized red sweater for Alvin ($19.99, Amazon.com), thick-rimmed glasses for Simon ($4.24, Amazon.com), and use pigtails or bouncy curls to convey that signature childlike innocence that Theodore always displays. Everyone needs cute little buck teeth ($2.69, Amazon.com) and painted-on chipmunk noses, of course.

5. Queens Of The Harvest

The beauty of last-minute costumes isn't just their simplicity, but pretty much anything goes as long as you have a few props, something to call yourselves, and a unifying theme. How about you just go as gorgeous girls in autumnal tones? A fall-inspired flower crown ($12.99, Amazon.com), flowing dress ($23.99, Amazon.com), and deeply-hued lipsticks ($6.45, Amazon.com) finish the look.

6. Wayne And Garth

Are you worthy? No, you're not worthy, and you know it, but that's why you and the Mrs. are perfectly suited for this excellent last-minute look. For Wayne: The hat ($15.98, Amazon.com), the black tee ($4.73, Amazon.com), and a wig, if you don't already possess those flowing '80s locks ($16.88, Amazon.com). Garth needs an Aerosmith tee ($11.99, Amazon.com) and flannel, a blonde wig ($14.49, Amazon.com), and thick glasses ($6.95, Amazon.com). Both need ripped jeans ($14.99, Amazon.com). Party on.

7. Married... With Children

This is the perfect year for a Bundy-themed costume. The '90s have made their impact on fashion in a huge way, so gathering the essentials to bring Peggy and Kelly to life shouldn't be too tough. Hairspray might be the primary weapon of choice here. A leopard-print dress ($14.99, Amazon.com) wrapped with a thick cinch belt ($7.99, Amazon.com) works for Peggy, but don't forget the heels ($34.99, Amazon.com). Kelly will require a lace-front top ($8.59, Amazon.com), a thigh-grazing skirt (16.99, Amazon.com), and a ton of attitude.

8. Coffee And Doughnut

These are the right costumes for two friends who not only go together as well as the food items they'll be impersonating, but who also prefer not to overthink their party attire. Sure, you could go all out and create these complicated costumes from scratch, or, you could buy them online. Coffee ($49.99, Amazon.com) and doughnut ($24.51, Amazon.com); done and done. It doesn't get more last minute than this.

9. Harry And Ron

Go as the female version of this iconic duo at a moment's notice. Harry needs glasses ($8, Amazon.com) and a lightning bolt, and a Gryffindor scarf ($16.43, Amazon.com); Ron needs a short, ginger wig ($11.99, Amazon.com) and a wand ($8.99, Amazon.com) for good measure. Beyond that, have fun accessorizing your wizard look any way you like.

Image: Pexels; Alexandra Antonopoulos/ Polyvore (3)