8 Last-Minute Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas That Can Be Made Before The Big Party Tonight

It may be the day before Halloween, but that doesn't mean that creating solid last-minute best friend Halloween costumes is impossible. While it seems easier to just jet to the nearest party store and splurge on an outfit, consider making a DIY costume. It makes it even better if it's a punny costume, because it won't even matter if it was thrown together at the last minute. It's all about having good times and good laughs.

Plus, there are just too many awesome reasons to dress up with your besties. Not only will it create some major photo opps, but it will provide amazing bonding moments and tons of laughs. To top it all off, it never hurts to travel in packs on Halloween night (or any night). Safety in numbers, after all.

With a little innovation and a few supplies, you can save a pretty penny, and make something that fits your taste and style. There's even a good chance that you can use something from your own closet, too. To create successful best friend pun costumes, don't focus too much on details. Aim for the bigger picture when you and your girls are rounded up. Don't stress, take a deep breath, and just have fun!

1. Shark Week

For girl gangs with at least five members, take on this hilarious (and easy!) BFF group costume. You'll need matching gray t-shirts and letter stickers or appliques. Take a pair of scissors, and throw some red paint ("blood") on each of the shirts. Not a bad stress relief method, if you ask me.

You'll also need felt scraps and paint to transform gray hats into sharks. If you're really pressed for time, just print out pictures of sharks, and stick them to your shirts or heads. Done and done.

2. Avocado

This may be more of a BFF costume than a pun, but how can you not love this? Considering avocados and guac have a cult following, I can guarantee everyone and their mother will adore this food-themed costume. To make these face cut-outs, all you need is some cardboard, green paint, and scissors. Now, this is proof that your other half really does complete you.

3. Potheads

I love how literal interpretations of words end up being so darn hilarious. This "pothead" group costume can be made with spray-painted plastic bins, and faux flowers. It doesn't hurt to hit up the dollar store to make this last minute look.

If you're down to the last minute, grab a pot from your kitchen, and throw it on your head. You're welcome.

4. Social Butterflies

Round up your bestie (or six) for the ultimate pun costume of the century. With so many solid social media platforms out there, you'll have more than enough options to choose from. All you need to do is print out the logo of your choice, wear clothing in coordinating colors, and slip into a pair of butterfly wings. You can easily make your own with some elastic and paper or felt. And just like that, you have a pin-worthy/grammable/tweeting costume.

5. Cards Against Humanity

Bring the popular card game to life with a couple of your best gals and guys. Grab white and black t-shirts and print out questionable cringe-worthy captions on iron-on transfer paper.

6. Gumball Machine

Best friends go together like quarters and gumball machines. If you're scrambling for a last-minute ensemble, consider taking this sweet one on. To make the quarter outfit, all you need to do is adhere a picture of a quarter to a shirt. To make a (quick) gumball machine costume, hot glue rainbow pom-poms to a shirt, and add a "25 cents" slot to a red skirt or pants.

7. Taco

Here's another one for the wonderful foodies of the world. Turn yourself and your other half into a delicious taco with felt, card stock, elastic, and a trusty glue gun. It may look complicated, but I promise that it's surprisingly easy. To take this one on, check out my taco couples costume tutorial, created exclusively for Bustlers.

8. Oreo Cookie

With all-white ensembles and two cardboard cut-outs, you and your best friend/significant other/roommate can dress up as an Oreo cookie. Don't forget to hug it out for each and every picture.

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