Are Jim & Amber Marchese Still Together After 'Marriage Boot Camp'? There's No Couple More Compatible

After their single season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey , the only thing that Amber & Jim Marchese walked out with was the reassurance that they would stick up for one another no mater what. In the intervening two years, the couple has occasionally popped back into the spotlight, usually for some sort of controversial reason, but when news came that they would be on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp, it was surprising because they've always seemed quite genuinely in love. Are Jim & Amber still together after Marriage Boot Camp ? It looks like no matter what drew them to the WEtv series, it wasn't enough to jeopardize their love for one another: Jim & Amber are doing just fine.

Over the course of their RHONJ fame, Jim and Amber volleyed between actually being a cute couple with really sweet, nicely behaved kids to a full on auditory assault as they started to realize that the season's "drama" was starting to paint them as aggressors, rather than victims. Later, Jim pulled out the largest "manila folder full of mysterious documents" ever seen on a Housewives series during their reunion appearance. Since then, the couple has been doing more of the same: sticking up for one another no matter what comes their way.

Jim Helped Amber Through Another Cancer Scare

Sadly, after spending years in remission, in early 2016, Amber's breast cancer returned. She was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease, making this an incredibly tough year for the reality star. But with Jim's support, she's still fighting and periodically sharing updates on her health.

They're Spending Time Together With Their Kids

The couple have had some nice times recently, at least long enough for Amber to post an Instagram photo of all four kids on their first day of school.

They Have... Complimentary Political Views

I try not to judge people too much on their politics, but it's hard to ignore that both Jim and Amber are very vocal about theirs lately. I don't think it's possible for a couple to survive if one believes in conservative conspiracy theories and the other doesn't, so I guess that bodes well for the couple.

They're Still Hating The RHONJ Together

Hardly a day passes that Jim and/or Amber doesn't share some kind of angry message about their thoughts on the current Real Housewives of New Jersey season. I think that this proves that if Jim and Amber weren't still together and still madly in love, they'd never be able to fake it — these two really struggle to let things go.