Which Haunted Place Around The World You Should Visit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

October is in full swing — and if you're in the midst of planning some more Halloween excitement (I am!), you now have one more thing to add to your list: Haunted places around the world you should visit based on your zodiac sign. Being spooked and frightened isn't limited to your local haunted house, although that isn't a bad place to start; travel around the globe, however, and you'll find hotels, forests, hospitals, theaters, libraries, and all sorts of other places that will chill you to your core and make you sleep with the lights on. Their histories are heartbreaking and witness accounts are convincing. One thing's for sure: These haunted places around the globe are not for the faint of heart.

While definitively proving the existence of ghosts is a rather hefty task to conquer, it's hard to argue the countless stories and reports of visitors to these scary locations. I'm not one to question ghost stories, so I'm just going to take everyone's word for it and stay safely locked in my room with my teddy bear and blankie.

But if you're feeling adventurous and want to visit the perfect haunted place for your zodiac sign, no matter where in the world it is, keep reading for the astrological picks of the world's scariest places.

Gemini: The Saline County Library, Arkansas, USA

As the bibliophile of the zodiac, Gemini belongs in the Saline County Library in Arkansas. From 1967 to 2003, the library was in the Old Palace Theatre, and reports of spooky experiences are abundant: From the sounds of footsteps and manual typewriters clicking (when they didn't have any) to books falling off the shelves and paperback carousels rotating on their own, plenty of unusual events have occurred here. This is why I order books online.

Taurus: Dumas Beach, Surat Gujurat

Taurus is a true romantic; and what romantic doesn't love walks along the beach? Well, Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujarat might be an exception to that rule. Dumas Beach is known as the beach that "whispers," with paranormal sightings, strange and unexplained murmurs, and people vanishing. Rumor has it that it was once a cremation ground, leaving many souls tied to the land.

Aries: North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Aries is a daredevil, and very adventurous. Travel to Bolivia, rent a car, and drive down North Yungas Road. But take care, because thousands of people have died trying to navigate its 40 miles — 100 to 300 people a year, to be more precise. The path is treacherous, with some drop-offs of 2,000 feet. Dust clouds and fog make it difficult to see. The road is littered with memorials of its victims, and the dense jungle that surrounds it only adds to its spookiness.

Leo: Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

Leo is a love of the theater, so visit the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. Frederick Baker came to Australia in the 1880s to perform in operas. In 1888, he performed for the opening night of Faust... and while he was making his final exit toward the end of the show, he actually suffered a heart attack and died. The rest of the cast had no clue, and they went back onstage to take their bows. This is where it gets creepy: Everyone also saw Baker on stage, even though he was already dead. Since then, he's reportedly been spotted in the theater many times. In fact, they save a seat for him in the audience for every opening night show.

Libra: The Screaming Woods, Kent, UK

The Screaming Woods in Pluckley, Kent (UK) has a chilling history. Witnesses say they've heard blood curdling screams coming from the forest late into the night. The spirit haunting it is supposedly that of a highwayman who was taken prisoner by villagers; to pay for his crimes, they allegedly took him into the woods, pinned him to a tree, and killed him with a sword. If you dare to venture into this area, known as the most haunted woodland in Kent, beware of the black mist, which has reportedly chased visitors before.

Virgo: Aokigahara Jukai Forest, Japan

Satisfy the nature lover in you, Virgo, with the Aokigahara Jukai forest in Japan. You probably know it by its more popular name: the Suicide Forest. As many as 100 people die by suicide here each year, with death by hanging being the most common. Due to the high suicide rate, annual searches for bodies started in 1970; additionally, to try to reduce the number of deaths, the Japanese government has installed security cameras at the entrance and increased patrols. Positive and encouraging signs have been posted along the paths, but stories abound of spirits that still lurk.

Aquarius: Old Changi Hospital, Singapore


Aquarius has a passion for helping others, so it comes as no surprise that the zodiac takes you to the Old Changi Hospital — the most haunted place in Singapore. But beware: The building has a complicated and depressing history as a hospital, prison camp, and rumored torture chamber. Witnesses have experienced disembodied screams, shadow people, bloody apparitions walking the halls, strange voices, a woman with a black aura, strange hands that touch them, and a young boy who just sits and stares.

Sagittarius: Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

Sagittarius loves the outdoors, so nestle into the Rocky Mountains at the Banff Springs hotel — considered the most haunted place in Alberta, Canada. Stories of its hauntings include room 873, where an entire family was supposedly killed. Fingerprints belonging to the young daughter reportedly still linger in the room, and witnesses have seen their spirits roaming around. In another haunting, a young bride who fell down the stairs and died has supposedly be spotted, still in her wedding dress. Yet another story tells of Sam Macauley, who worked as a bellman until he died in 1976. He must've loved his job, because he's still there today.

Cancer: Poveglia Island, Italy

Cancer loves to be by the water, so make your way to Poveglia Island in Italy. Poveglia has been the location of a psychiatric hospital where horrific experiments were performed, a quarantine station, and a dumping ground for plague victims who were burned and buried there — all contributing to its grim history. In fact, it's said that so many people died there during the Bubonic Plague that the soil is 50 percent human ash. Today, the island is abandoned and people are banned from visiting. Recently, construction workers went to the island to restore the former hospital, but they abruptly stopped, offering no explanations. Rumor has it the island is simply too haunted to be on.

Capricorn: Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

Capricorn appreciates solid craftsmanship; and you'll undoubtedly love the Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco, Mexico. Years ago, Julian Santana Barrera came to the remote wooded area to live the rest of his life as a recluse. It was there that he discovered the body of a young girl, along with her toy doll. For over 50 years, he hung dolls from the trees to try to satisfy her restless spirit. Today, his family runs the area as a tourist spot. Witnesses claim to hear the dolls whispering, and you might even catch them following you with their eyes.

Scorpio: The White House, Washington, D.C., USA

Scorpio is a history buff with a thirst for knowledge. Head to the most popular house in the country: The White House, in Washington, D.C. Visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and you may run into the likes of Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson, and even good ol' Abe Lincoln. FYI, Jackson's bedchamber is said to be one of the most haunted rooms in the whole house.

Pisces: Christ Church, Virginia, USA

Pisces has a keen interest in spirituality; and the Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia is the place to be. This Episcopal church is a registered national landmark, with frequent visitors like George Washington and Robert E. Lee. The adjacent cemetery serves as the final resting place for many Union and Confederate soldiers killed in bloodshed. Supposedly, their souls rise from their graves and frequently show up in visitors' pictures.

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