The 'Golden Girls' Get The Action Figures At Comic-Con That They Have Always Deserved

Whether you consider yourself to be more of a Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, or Rose from the Golden Girls, you can now live life (err, more like play life) through them. That's because, thanks to Funko, the Golden Girls are action figures. Released exclusively for New York City's 2016 Comic-Con, the Golden Girls have joined the legions of other fictional characters that have earned this prestigious toy title. Yes, action figures were traditionally created for superheroes and the like, but the Golden Girls have proved time and time again that they are heroes in their own right — even if their biggest actions are eating cheesecake or going out on the lanai.

Before now, you could get the Funko Pop! figurines of the Golden Girls individually (somehow Dorothy manages a scowl even as one of these adorable collectables), but the action figures of all four characters in one pack take the Golden Girls admiration to a whole other level. "The response to our Golden Girls products has been wild," Funko director of marketing Mark Robben told ABC News when the action figures were announced in September. "We almost weren't prepared for the excitement. We created these as a passion project initially, and were blown away when it started trending on social media."

If you are having any doubts that the Golden Girls deserve to be action figures — well, to Shady Pines with you! But if you need help remembering some of their more epic heroic deeds, here are 13 of just some of the times that Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose showed that they should be posable figurines.

1. They Helped Rose's Sister Lily

Lily came to visit and she was struggling with the fact that she was now blind. The women helped her gain her independence back and to not live in fear in "Blind Ambitions."

2. They Reported A Scam Artist To The Police

Yeah, Blanche and Sophia were a bit embarassed that they had been tricked by a money scam at the mall in "Cheaters," but Rose convinced them to report it so others wouldn't get duped. Plus, Blanche got a date out of her good deed!

3. Dorothy Solved A Murder

Even though it was a fake murder, Dorothy still cleared Blanche's name in "The Case of the Libertine Belle."

4. Rose & Blanche Protested Tuna Fishing Methods

While hanging out with Dick Van Dyke is epic enough, "Love Under the Big Top" had Rose and Blanche trying to save marine life after they saw a dolphin caught in a tuna boat's net.

5. Dorothy Told Off An Insensitive Doctor

Dorothy was dealing with health struggles and with the support of her best gal pals, she discovered it was chronic fatigue syndrome. For anyone who has ever dealt with a doctor not taking their health seriously, Dorothy giving an impassioned speech to the doctor who had blown off her troubles was an inspirational moment in "Sick and Tired (Part 2)."

6. They Saved A Tree

Let's just ignore the fact that during the shenanigans in "It's a Miserable Life," Rose wished death upon a person who then actually died. Hey, at least the 200-year-old oak tree is still alive!

7. The Girls Supported Rose During A Health Scare

Not only did the episode "72 Hours" show that Golden Girls was unafraid to tackle real-life issues since Rose was told she may have been infected with HIV, but it also showed how important it is for your friends to be there for you during tough times.

8. Dorothy Helped A Reclusive Man

Besides the good Sophia was doing volunteering for Meals on Wheels, Dorothy helped a political activist leave his apartment for the first time since the 1960s in "Snap Out of It."

9. Sophia Saved Christmas

The women were held hostage by a man dressed as Santa at the crisis center where Rose worked and thankfully, Sophia's keen Sicilian eye realized that Santa didn't have a real gun in "Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas." For that alone, Sophia earned her action figure.

10. Rose Learned She Can Defend Herself

Rose was the most emotionally impacted by a burglary in "Break-In" and while it seemed she might let her fear get the best of her, she eventually learned she could take care of herself. Bonus points for the girls being at a Madonna concert when the break-in happened.

11. Dorothy Went After Her Dream

Although it was only for an episode, Dorothy tried her hand at stand-up comedy in "Comedy of Errors" when she realized that life is too short for regrets.

12. Blanche Accepted Her Brother

Although Blanche initially struggled with her brother being gay, by the end of "Sister of the Bride," she had come to accept her brother's sexual orientation and his fiancé.

13. The Girls Beat Drug Addiction

Golden Girls did love their "very special episodes" as the series showed when Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche banded together to help Rose kick her addition to prescription pain killers in "High Anxiety." Rose took ownership too by calling the rehab facility herself.

Although the Golden Girls figurines are being released as part of New York City's Comic-Con, which runs Oct. 6 to Oct. 9, Target does have them listed as a product, even though they weren't available at the time of publication. So make sure to look out for the Golden Girls action figures to go on sale — just as the women always heroically looked out for one another.

Images: NBC (13)