10 Classic Yet Contemporary Wrist Tattoos

Perhaps it's my rose-tinted glasses talking, but IMO, wrist tattoos can be terribly romantic. Even if it's just showing your own self-love, this vulnerable spot plays a subtle game of peekaboo, without being overtly provocative. If you're interested in getting inked in this spot, classic wrist tattoos with a contemporary twist will provide you with all of the inkspo you need, so that your elusive tattoo will last the ages, while also being a great representation of who you are as a person.

So what makes a "classic" tattoo? You could go for a timeless classic, such as an old fashioned ink design that never goes out of style, or you could opt for a contemporary classic. With so many tattoo trends popping up everywhere you turn, styles that are only a year or so old, seem to have been around for ages. You could even put a modern spin on an old school tattoo design, to keep it current and relevant, while still making a nod to the rich history of tattoos.

From meaningful lettering, to nautical sailor style ink, there's a style to suit the tastebuds of all illustrated (or soon to be) folks. So here are some classic wrist tattoos to get your creative cogs whirring and to pay homage to this simply lovely location.

1. The Animal Ink

Put a modern spin on classic animal inspired body art with an adorable illustration of your favorite animal.

2. The Minimal Circle

Take a geometric pattern and pair it down to its most simplistic form – a super minimal yet impactful circle.

3. The Celestial Tattoo

The cosmos has acted as inspiration for artists for many moons, but you needn't have a huge, OTT tatt if this modern style is more up your street.

4. The Bracelet Tattoos

Bracelet style tatts are no new thing, but these incredibly minimal and chic designs are seriously on trend right now.

5. The Nature Design

Mother nature provides an endless source of inspiration for tattoo artists and ink aficionados; this rad, mountainous landscape with a roaming bear is a case in point. Plus, it feels super current.

6. The Spiritual Style

A hamsa tattoo makes a nod towards forces greater than ourselves and it looks divine with an added splash of color.

7. The Moon

Moons make for a timeless tattoo design, but with the addition of some trendy white ink, it's brought delicately back into 2016.

8. The Cross

Whether it has religious connotations to you or not, the classic cross is given a contemporary makeover in a miniature style placed elegantly on the wrist.

9. The Rose

Could there be anything more romantic than a stunning rose tattoo? When it's placed on the wrist it's somehow even more lovely.

10. The Pop Culture Reference

Pick your pop culture faves and creatively work them into your wrist tatt, like this magical Harry Potter inspired ink.

Classic tattoos needn't be old hat! Give your design a personal stamp to keep it fresh, up-to-date, and unique as you!

Image: /Instagram