11 Beautiful Tattoos For Nature Lovers

In addition to how you style yourself — including the clothes, hairstyles, and makeup you wear (or don't wear) — tattoos are a wonderful way to show the world a little insight into your personality. Thus, gorgeous nature tattoos that anyone who loves the outdoors will swoon over, are an awesome option for nature lovers considering their future ink.

One of the best things about nature inspired tattoos is the natural world has so much inspiration to offer. From fauna to flora, there's something to tempt everyone into getting inked. There are also many different natural beauty spots in the world that can offer endless inspiration, some of which include beaches, forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, and more! The animal kingdom also offers a seemingly infinite fountain of inspo. Nature lovers might get inked with a design featuring their favorite animal, patterns based on a creature's coloring, or even ink that includes the paw, hoof, or claw print animals leave in their wake.

It's safe to say that Mother Nature is one of the most magical muses in existence, so no matter what design you choose, your tattoo is bound to look beautiful. So here are a bunch of stunning nature tattoos to get your creative juices flowing.

1. The Majestic Shark

Sharks sometimes get a bad rep, but this stunning shark tattoo shows how majestic these creatures truly are.

2. The National Park Service Ink

This rad tatt celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in the most gorgeous way possible.

3. The Cutesy Ghoul Design

Although the focus of this cute tatt by tattoo artist Sophie Elizabeth Cameron is arguably the adorable ghost, the natural elements encircling it add a seriously pretty edge to the overall look.

4. The Perfect Pine Cone

If you're basically a forest fairy in human form, a stunning pine cone like this darling design is a great option for you.

5. The Happy Camper Tatt

Lovers of the great outdoors will adore this camping themed tattoo complete with a cozy camp fire and a beautiful backdrop.

6. The Eyes Of The Tiger

This tiger eyes tattoo is a great choice for those with a wild side!

7. The Bat Tatt

An adorable, black ghost bat tatt is perfect for any animal lover who fancies a bit of realism when it comes to their ink.

8. The Studio Ghibli Inspired Design

The Forest Spirit makes a fitting focus for those enamoured with nature and Princess Mononoke. It's a wonderful, whimsical tattoo for Studio Ghibli fans and nature lovers alike.

9. The Wild Waves

If you're a mermaiden in human form or a total water baby, you'll likely adore this realistic ocean waves tattoo.

10. The Fantasy Landscape

Be inspired by fantasy in pop culture and opt for a magical landscape of your dreams!

11. The Mountainous Sternum

Sternum tattoos are stunning and trendy, so put your own spin on this fashionable ink by picking a nature style design.

Become one with nature with a sublime nature inspired tattoo, because let's face it, is there really anything more beautiful in this world than Mother Nature's designs?

Image: kaiju_rapture/Instagram