Ben & Lauren's Post-'Bachelor' House Is Too Cute

Ben Higgins first appeared on TV on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette where he was marketed as the handsome, nice-guy alternative to her two more vocal frontrunners. When he left the show rose-less he became the next Bachelor, a show which ended with Ben proposing to the clear frontrunner, Lauren Bushnell. It seemed like Ben's time on TV had come to an end. Then it was announced that Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? would air on Freeform. The spinoff follows Ben and Lauren as they navigate post-Bachelor life in Colorado. And, judging by the photos of Ben and Lauren's Denver house, their life is pretty picture perfect these days.

If my apartment were about to be featured on national television, I would definitely spruce it up and bit. That appears to be what Ben and Lauren did to Ben's former bachelor pad. Not only is Ben's home now Lauren's home as well but it also represents the couple on TV. No wonder it's nicer than your average place.

It's still a bit unclear what to expect from Ben & Lauren Happily Ever After. There will be an element of Ben and Lauren's day-to-day life, but the show also promises to feature a variety of past Bachelor world contestants. These contestants even include Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson who will make an appearance camping with the happy couple.

In addition to camping trips, music festivals, and whatever else the famous pair does, time will be spent in their home. This is why the release of the photos of their home are almost like releasing the main set for their TV show.

The place was recently re-decorated by Joss & Main who the couple credits in all their new home photos. The look of the home is sleek, clean and comfortable. The couple is very put together and now they have a home in Denver to match. While it may not be as large and luxurious as say The Bachelor mansion, the space feels very fancy. Peeking into their home is just the beginning of the inside look we'll have into their lives. The couple is sharing everything from date night to couples therapy.

Ben and Lauren live in a bit of a heightened reality. While they are no longer on a dating show, their life is far from normal despite what they originally assumed. From meeting celebrities to living in the public eye, their life is odd. I'm looking forward to this inside look at what it means to be a post-Bachelor couple.

The show is so popular now that the contestants limelight lasts much longer than their time on the show. I just hope it is rose-filled and happy in that cute home of theirs.