8 Funny & Clever Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

There are a lot of different themes you can go for with your Halloween costume, but a personal favorite is the funny theme. It just makes the night, well, more fun. This is especially true when it comes to funny couples Halloween costumes. Let's face it — matching with your partner can get corny and eye-roll worthy fast. But a funny couples costume? It's hard to be considered lame when you're making everyone around you laugh while still being the adorable and Instagram #goals couple you are. This year, look beyond the most popular pun costumes and funny TV character options, and choose funny couples costumes that are a little bit more unique.

Whether you want a pop culture reference that's a little bit more low-key, something "punny," or something clever that others won't think of, this list has got you covered. And remember — this is Halloween. You can wear whatever you want — who cares? And, incidentally, if you don't have a significant other, you can even turn these into funny best friend costumes. No one will know the difference! Ready to impress everyone and win all of the awards? Here are a few ideas for funny couples costumes that you can make with items you might already own.

1. Ron Swanson and Bacon & Eggs from Parks and Recreation

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Everyone who has ever watched an episode of Parks and Recreation knows that Ron Swanson loves bacon and eggs more than almost anything else in the world. So, naturally, a costume where one person is Ron and the other is bacon and eggs makes a perfect couples costume, because nothing goes better together. Whoever is Ron will need a brown polo, a pair of khakis, and of course a fake mustache, while the bacon and eggs costume requires a cute shirt you can wear again — and a pair of waffle earrings as a bonus.

Brown Polo Shirt, $16, Amazon; Fake Mustache, $3, Amazon; Camping Mug, $48, Domino; Khaki Pants, $50, Hollister; Brown Belt, $17, Amazon; Bacon and Eggs Shirt, $17, Amazon; Waffle Earrings, $7, Etsy; Bacon Socks, $12, Sock Drawer

What You'll Need: Men's brown polo shirt, fake mustache, camping mug, khaki pants, brown belt, bacon and eggs shirt, waffle earrings, bacon socks.

2. The Lamp and Ralphie from A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story might be a Christmas movie, but it's a classic and deserves to be celebrated on Halloween too. Arguably one of the best scenes of the movie is when the sexy "Italian" leg lamp arrives in the mail. Have one person dress as the lamp (fishnet stockings required) and another be Ralphie, in his adorable bunny onesie. For the lamp, you can wear a gold skirt on its own, or glue fringe around the bottom if you want to get more authentic.

Bunny Onesie, $56, Amazon; Bunny Slippers, $10, Forever 21; Round Black Glasses, $8, Romwe; Black Turtleneck, $59, Land's End; Black Heels, $17, Pretty Little Thing; Fishnet Tights, $12, Topshop; Gold Mini Skirt, $61, Yoox

What You'll Need: Bunny onesie, bunny slippers, round black glasses, black turtleneck, black heels, fishnet tights, gold mini skirt.

3. Buddy The Elf and Maple Syrup from Elf

I've seen a lot of Elf couples costumes featuring Buddy and Jovi, and they're all cute, but not as cute as Buddy and maple syrup. Sorry, it's true! Have one person wear a Buddy outfit (hat is necessary!), and the other wear all brown and carry maple syrup. The brown beanie is like the top of the bottle. If you want, you can use iron-on letters so your clothes say "maple syrup," or you can write it on a piece of paper and pin it on.

Elf Poncho, $35, Amazon; Elf Hat, $15, Etsy; Elf Booties, $41, Overstock; Yellow Tights, $5, Amazon; Brown Dress , $17, Amazon ; Brown Beanie, $6, Amazon

What You'll Need: Elf poncho, elf hat, elf booties, yellow tights, brown dress, brown beanie.

4. Peter Pan and His Shadow

There are lots of Peter Pan costumes to choose from, like Wendy and Peter, Peter and Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and the crocodile, etc. My favorite? Peter Pan and his shadow. After all, what's a better couple than that? If you don't want to spring for the black jumpsuit, just wear all black.

Green Peter Pan Shirt, $75, Etsy; Green Pants, $15, Amazon; Brown Boots, $90, Amazon; Peter Pan Hat, $10, Etsy; Black Bodysuit, $50, Amazon

What You'll Need: Green Peter Pan shirt, green pants, brown boots, Peter Pan hat, black bodysuit.

5. Garden Gnome

Hehehe... get it? Garden gnome? One of you dresses as a gnome (hat, black belt, boots, etc.) and the other one dresses as the "garden." This can include a printed floral top, green pants (like a stem!), a flower crown, and maybe some flower jewelry for good measure.

Men's Blue Shirt, $20, Amazon; Gnome Hat, $13, Amazon; Brown Pants, $60, JcPennys; Thick Black Belt, $10, Amazon; Black Boots, $98, Zappos; Floral Top, $6, Uniqlo; Green Leggings, $12, Amazon; Flower Crown, $5, Forever 21; Flower Earrings, $10, Zulily

What You'll Need: Men's blue shirt, gnome hat, brown pants, thick black belt, black boots, floral top, green leggings, flower crown, flower earrings.

6. Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole from Parks and Recreation

Yes, this is another Parks and Rec insider costume, but I can't help myself! It's too cute! As anyone who watches the show knows, Andy and April have these goofy alter egos: Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole. Burt Macklin is an FBI agent, while Janet Snakehole is... a vintage damsel in distress? Something like that. Anyway, this is such a cute costume.

White Button Down, $16, Amazon; Police Badge, $2, HalloweenCostumes; FBI Jacket, $40, Amazon; Black Pencil Dress, $12, Amazon; Pearl Necklace, $47, Amazon; Cigarette Holder, $4, Amazon; Black Pillbox Hat, $21, Amazon

What You'll Need: White button down, police badge, FBI Jacket, black pencil dress, pearl necklace, cigarette holder, black pillbox hat.

7. Pigs In A Blanket

This is such an easy and cute idea! You guys can be pigs in a blanket by dressing up as pigs, then wrapping a blanket around you both. Bonus: it's warm, cozy, and perfect for later on when the night winds down.

A Large Blanket, $70, Amazon; Pink Shirt, $12, Amazon; Pink Pants, $20, Amazon; Pig Nose, $2, Amazon; Pig Ears, $9, Amazon

What You'll Need: A large blanket, pink shirt, pink pants, pig nose, pig ears.

8. Harry Potter and a Golden Snitch

There are so many Harry Potter costumes out there that finding a clever one can be tough. But Harry and the golden snitch hasn't been done that much, so I say go for it! It's really cute. One person can be Harry, and the other person can drape themselves in gold and be the snitch.

Black Blazer, $10, Amazon; White Button Down Shirt, $37, Amazon; Gryffindor Scarf, $37, Universal; Harry Potter Glasses, $7, Amazon; Gold Slip Dress, $14, Amazon; Gold Wings, $27, Amazon

What You'll Need: Black blazer, white button down shirt, Gryffindor scarf, Harry Potter glasses, gold slip dress, gold wing.

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