Kim Kardashian’s Every Move Is Being Scrutinized & At A Certain Point, It Crosses The Line

If a massively popular celebrity goes through a huge ordeal in a very public way then of course they are going to make headlines left and right, have their every move watched closely, and be discussed constantly. That's what comes with being a celebrity. But even if the person chose that lifestyle that still doesn't make it OK for anyone to monitor them every single second of the day, especially if they went through something terrifying. There comes a time when everyone should back off a bit, don't you think? For example, Kim Kardashian's every move is being scrutinized. It's obviously expected that she'd be closely watched after she was robbed at gunpoint in France, but it's also to the point where a line needs to be drawn.

On Thursday, Us Weekly reported about Kardashian's quiet return to social media. When you see that, you probably expect to read about the reality star posting an Instagram, tweeting or retweeting something, or maybe even her popping up on one of her family member's Snapchats. However, that isn't the case here. As the media outlet reported, Kardashian "was previously following 121 accounts, but she scaled back to follow just 108." This just goes to show you how closely watched Kardashian is, because even who she follows or unfollows on Twitter is being monitored.

In addition to her social media accounts being watched, paparazzi hovered outside of her New York City apartment just to catch a glimpse of her or whoever came to visit. This certainly isn't new news and Kardashian is used to paparazzi pictures. Though, at this particular time in her life, I'm sure she wishes the photographers would disappear and that cameras weren't following her all the time. Even when she left her New York apartment to head back to Los Angeles, she hid her face underneath a hat and a hood, which seems to show how much she just wants to be left alone and given time to deal without everyone watching. There was even a photo shared by TMZ of Kardashian arriving back in Los Angeles and getting off of an airplane. The only time she had for herself between New York and L.A. was when she was actually on the plane.

You know she is being watched hardcore, too, when even her bodyguard Pascal Duvier is being tracked on social media. TMZ claims "he deleted every mention of her from his social media"; not because he was fired, but rather as a precaution. Reportedly, Kardashian is also going to change her social media habits now. The fact that anyone close to her, like family and Duvier, are also being watched just goes to show you how closely she is being followed. Anyway to keep tabs on her, right?

Even without the Selfish author making public appearances or being captured by the paparazzi like she was all the time pre-robbery, she is still very much being watched — and maybe even more than usual. From experiencing a horrific event and not commenting on the ordeal herself just yet to avoiding social media and trying to keep her life at this moment private, that all seems to make everyone even more curious about her. That's understandable, especially when it comes to a public figure. Yes, we're going to talk about Kardashian, keep track of any updates, and report on any developments in her robbery case, but when is too far too far? There is no need to track her every move.

As her sister Khloé Kardashian revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday, "I mean, she’s not doing that well. I mean, it’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and great and we’ll get through it together." That should be reason enough for people to back off of her and give the reality star some space to breathe. If she continues to be hounded and watched 24/7 that may give her more reason to stay behind close doors. Really, I wouldn't blame her if that's what she decides.

It's easy for people to forget that Kardashian is also a human being. She went through a traumatic experience and should be given the courtesy of not having to worry about being watched like a hawk. Believe it or not, but when it comes to even the life of a celebrity, even they deserve privacy.