11 Former 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Contestants Who Deserved So Much More

Over the approximately seven million seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, viewers have witnessed young men and young women appear on the show with hopes of falling in love and finding their own version of happily ever after. But, like the ol' proverb "easy come, easy go," contestants from the Bachelor franchise enter viewers' lives just as quickly as they exit them. This means that, sometimes, they aren't afforded the type of treatment they probably expected. Out of the many contestants we've all seen, there are ones who have been regarded in ways they probably deserved (whether it be good or bad) and ones who got short changed. Unfortunately for Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, the latter happens to be the more popular route.

But, that's just the intrigue of reality TV, and furthermore the intrigue of a reality TV show where 25 people try to date the same person at the same time. Everyone getting treated equally doesn't actually make any sense for the premise of the show. Still, that doesn't change the fact that seemingly good people who just want to find love (and OK, be on TV for a hot minute) get walked all over. Good people like the 11 following Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who should have been dealt a fairer hand. Of roses.

1. Luke Pell

According to E! News Luke was ready to become the next Bachelor , until Nick Viall nabbed the spot instead. This followed the heartbreaking rejection he received from JoJo just months before. Tough time to be Luke Pell.

2. Becca Tilley

Sure, Becca got the chance to be on two different seasons of The Bachelor, but she didn't seem to have the best time on either. On Chris' season, she never appeared to be that into him, and on Ben's, she was totally blindsided.

3. Jubilee Sharpe

Anyone with two eyes and a heart will tell you that Jubilee went home waaay too early on Ben's season. He appeared to be genuinely interested in her, and should have given her more opportunities to open up.

4. Ashley Iaconetti

During Bachelor in Paradise, it looked like Jared had been leading Ashley I. on for a while, and frankly, she deserves more than that.

5. Vinny Ventiera

On Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, Vinny totally got the wind kicked out of him. His day one match, Izzy, decided to up and leave him the moment she saw Brett walk in with his lamp. Vinny handled the whole thing with grace, further proving that he probably wasn't the guy to let go of, and probably making his mother proud.

6. Olivia Caridi

It's true that Olivia wasn't the most well-liked contestant on Ben's season of The Bachelor, but the way she was straight-up deserted on that island was just kind of cruel.

7. Sarah Herron

Sarah returned to Paradise with the hopes of finding love this past summer. Unfortunately, after a verbal attack from Chad, and a few connections that ended up leading nowhere, she went home without any romance. Again. Sarah deserves more, people.

8. Michelle Money

Brad didn't waste a ton of time keeping Michelle around, but she was unfairly treated by the other women for being the supposed "villain." As the Bachelor fandom has learned since her season aired, Michelle's not a villain at all. In fact, Michelle's kind of amazing. Michelle for the next Bachelorette?

9. Clare Crawley

Clare was treated so poorly by Juan Pablo during his season of The Bachelor, that it actually became hard to watch toward the end. She should be afforded a whole do-over for that mess.

10. Melissa Rycroft

In one of the most shocking Bachelor twists of ever, Jason Mesnick dumped Melissa after choosing her in the finale. And how did he do that? On live television, during After The Final Rose. Come on, Jason. She was worthy of at least a heads-up.

11. Nick Viall

When Nick Viall hurled a ring and uttered, “I am the biggest joke ever,” to a nationwide audience during his limo ride home, fans and even non-fans felt bad for the guy. He shouldn't have been led on for that long...twice. Thankfully for him, Bachelor producers threw a major curveball, and ended up making him the next Bachelor. All's well that ends in you being the lead of next season, I guess.

And so the cycle continues until, well, probably forever.

Images: ABC (11)