Ginny Is Chosen For The All Star Game On 'Pitch,' But Family Drama Ruins Her Big Day

Ginny's family drama is following her to the Major League on Pitch . In this week's episode, "The Break," Ginny got a spot on the All Star team, but the excitement was lessened when her mother, Janet, came to town to see the game. Janet and Ginny's relationship is clearly strained. In fact, Ginny is so jumpy and uncomfortable around her mother, she invites Amelia and Mike to her family dinner. Things don't exactly get better from there. Ginny was chosen for the All Star game on Pitch , but her family drama ruins her big day after she meets her mother's new boyfriend.

Ginny's family dinner starts off badly when her mother surprises her by introducing her to a new boyfriend — and it only gets worse from there. In flashbacks, we learn that Janet's new boyfriend is actually not a new man in her life. When Ginny was a teenager, she and her mother were close. Her mother saw how tough her father was on her, and pledged to stand up for her if she ever wanted to skip a practice session or stop playing baseball. But all that changed when, one day, Ginny came home to see her mother canoodling with another man — the same man who is now sitting in a restaurant, holding Janet's hand, and asking for an extra ticket to the All Star game.


Ginny ends up being so frustrated, she bails on dinner, but the next day, when Janet and her boyfriend are no shows at the All Star Game, it throws her. The overwhelming pressure to prove she deserves her spot on the All Star team (people think she got the spot simply because she's a woman) without her main ally Mike Lawson, coupled with the absence of her mother completely throws her off her game. She ends up giving up a home run on the very first pitch. So it's not a great day for Ginny, but her frustrating performance drives her to confront her mother and, in the end, forgive her.

Now that she's older, Ginny can see how her father pushed her mother away long before his death. And she wants to rebuild her relationship with her mother. Hopefully this means we'll get to see a little more of Ginny's family on Pitch , including her brother Will. (More B.J. Britt is never a bad thing.)

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