Melanianade Is The Best 'SNL' Campaign Sketch Yet

To every woman who has ever wanted to say "boy, bye," to Donald Trump, there's a new anthem that's just for you. During Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live, host Emily Blunt and the show's female cast members covered Beyonce's hit visual album, Lemonade, making it relevant to the campaign and, particularly, the women in Trump's life. In short, "Melanianade" from SNL is the campaign anthem that women need in the wake of Trump's alleged behavior toward various women.

"Melanianade" spoofed Beyonce's Sorry, one of the more memorable songs from Lemonade. You know Sorry as the song that references the now-infamous "Becky with the good hair." In SNL's remake, though, "Becky with the good hair" became "that guy with the weird hair."

Speaking of Trump, the SNL music video also referenced the IRL candidate's comments from a 2005 recording that was published by The Washington Post last week. In the recording, Trump is heard saying that he grabs women "by the pussy." Then, in last Sunday's second presidential debate, Melania Trump — the protagonist of "Melanianade" — reportedly wore a Gucci blouse called the "pussy bow" blouse. In "Melanianade," the satirical Melania sings, "But one day, Donald, you may wake up and this bomb pussy bow blouse will be gone."

Beyond Melania, the SNL sketch featured fictional versions of Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Omarosa. Fictional Ivanka — played by Blunt — sang, "There goes my friendship with Chelsea Clinton." All of the sketch's leading ladies joined in for the refrain, "Poke him in the face. Tell him boy, bye."

At one point, a satirical Mike Pence chimed in, singing, "You only want me when I'm not there." Although, if you watched Trump's real-life performance in last week's second presidential debate, you may think that Trump doesn't want Pence when he's not there, either. Trump outright disagreed with Pence during the debate when he was asked about his proposed policies toward Syria.

Ultimately, SNL's "Melanianade" united women — fictitious or not — against Trump. That's a particularly relevant message considering the recent allegations made against him by various women. For instance, after Trump denied making inappropriate advances toward women in the second presidential debate, at least three different women accused Trump of behaving inappropriately toward them, according to reports from The New York Times and People. For his part, Trump has continuously denied any wrongdoing, asking for a retraction from the Times and promising legal action against the reports, which he calls false. While he pursues this legal action, women can join together in repeated rounds of "Melanianade".