Lindsay Lohan & Daniel Franzese Want A 'Mean Girls' Sequel & The Idea Is So Fetch

More than a decade later, Mean Girls is still as beloved as ever. If you don't believe me, just look at the outpouring of nostalgia that happens every year on October 3. Actually, fans aren't the only ones reminiscing. On Instagram on Thursday, Lindsay Lohan admitted she wants a Mean Girls sequel — and so does another one of her cast members. Soon after she posted a photo asking for another movie, Daniel Franzese (better known as Damien) agreed with LiLo. Over the weekend, Franzese tweeted about how this needs to happen. And honestly, I totally agree with him. Can someone call Tina Fey to arrange this ASAP?

Lohan's initial Instagram was a photo with Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert. She wrote, "miss you all... sequel?" McAdams, aka Regina George herself, regrammed the photo and wrote, "My Mean Girls xo." Meanwhile, Franzese jumped into the conversation — a total Damien move — and tweeted, "I'm down." He then posted another tweet elaborating:

I feel like the number one reason to have Social Media is try to drum up the powers that be to make us a Mean Girls sequel

Really, what else is social media for? Somebody start a petition, please. And while you're at it, create some kind of hashtag too. The idea is totally "grool," as Cady Heron would say. And Franzese has an idea for the movie already. When a fan asked what Damien would be doing now, he responded, "drag race judge," meaning RuPaul's Drag Race, of course. He would totally fit in on the show.

With two Mean Girls stars already into the idea, it shouldn't take much to convince the rest of the cast to join. They could set it in the distant future — where all of them wind up being moms in the same neighborhood and their children become the next set of Plastics. Or it could show them living in the same town post-college and figuring out their lives, sort of like the Pretty Little Liars time jump. I know there already was a Mean Girls 2 on DVD, but it didn't star the original cast, so no, that doesn't count.

Seriously, the plot possibilities are endless. Now, where is that petition? Let's listen to Franzese and harness the power of social media. It'd be so fetch.