WestAllen Officially Begins On 'The Flash'

WestAllen shippers, your patience has finally paid off! After two full seasons of Barry navigating his unrequited love for Iris, he's finally get his shot with his sort of adoptive sister and one true love. That's right, WestAllen is officially happening, Flashpoint drama and supervillains be damned. After Barry and Iris finally kissed in last week's episode, it was only a matter of time before Barry made his next move. And, in "Magenta," he did. Barry and Iris went on their first date on The Flash , but it did not go as planned.

For Barry's first date with the girl of his dreams, he wanted it to be perfect. So perfect that he took her to a super expensive restaurant and speed-bought her an elaborate flower arranged in a heart — and then speed-bought her another one arranged to spell out her name. While a nice thought, Iris requested that maybe for their first date, she should just be Iris and he should just be Barry. The Flash was not invited. Of course, years of anticipation and taking the Flash off the table made things get really awkward really fast. One attempted robbery and an emergency call from Joe later, and the first WestAllen date ended before it had a chance to begin.

The next day, Barry and Iris agreed that the date had been boring. Not exactly what a guy wants to hear from the girl he's been in love with since he was a little boy, but, it's OK because Iris agreed to a redo. This time, Barry nailed it by insisting they embrace the Flash and what they've become since he got his powers and speeding her off to a romantic, waterfront dinner. This time, the WestAllen first date was, again, cut short by an emergency text from Joe. But, before you get too worried about the future of The Flash 's ultimate couple, know that Barry only left after he kissed Iris goodbye.

Maybe one day Iris and Barry will actually make it through a real date, but until then, WestAllen shippers will just need to be happy with the occasional smooch.

Images: Bettina Strauss/The CW; westallengifs/tumblr