7 Hot Movie-Inspired Positions To Try IRL

As a kid, watching sex scenes in movies was equal parts fascinating and awkward (especially if you accidentally sat through one with your parents in the room). Naturally, we're all curious about the human body from an early age, and there's no shortage of sex-filled media to pique our interest when we're just starting to learn about sex. Growing up with a single mom meant watching tons of romance-filled chick flicks for me, so I was no stranger to the concept of sex, even if I didn't really grasp the ins-and-outs (pun intended) of the act itself. I still remember seeing the infamous, steamy car sex scene in Titanic for the first time. I knew what was happening was "sex," but I didn't get what the big deal was — to me, they just looked kind of sweaty and tired (which I've learned is pretty accurate).

But now that we're adults, we (presumably) understand the nuances of sex, and watching sex-heavy movies and TV shows can actually be a source of inspiration for our own sex lives. When it comes to mainstream porn, it's mostly a one-note depiction of what sex looks like, and lots of aspects of porn are unrealistic. Hollywood sex is also not realistic in a lot of ways: how many women do you know who can orgasm within a minute or two? However, there are plenty of shows and movies that have awesome, more true-to-life depictions of sex, especially now that there's more (though still lacking) on-screen diversity when it comes to things like race, sexuality, and body type.

To give you some creative ideas, here are seven examples of sex positions from movies that are worth a try IRL. If you've already tried them, consider this an excuse to try again so you can "recreate the performances" (you're welcome).

1. Mirror Sex ( Eyes Wide Shut )

First of all, props to these two for pulling off the surprisingly athletic feat that is having sex while standing up. But things get even hotter, because the entire tryst is played out in front of a mirror — while Nicole Kidman's character watches them get it on. If you're super self-conscious or have anxiety about sex, this may not be your cup of tea, but it's otherwise worth a shot, because it can be a major turn-on to actually see yourself experiencing pleasure.

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2. Piano-Top Sex ( Pretty Woman )

OK, so we probably don't all have a grand piano lying around that we can use as a prop during sex. Still, this super sexy scene between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is proof that the bedroom isn't always the best place for sex. The best aspects of this scene can easily be recreated somewhere more quaint, like on top of a washer. One partner can lie back and relax as their partner (while standing) kisses, touches, and licks.

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3. Lying Down Doggy ( Legends of the Fall )

This steaming hot sex scene (featuring a super young, super hot Brad Pitt) is only a minute long but somehow features position changes. My personal favorite bit? When Brad Pitt's character enters his leading lady from behind while she lies flat on her stomach. This position is more intimate than traditional doggy style, and also hits the spot in ways you may not have known existed (thanks to the awesome, G-spot-friendly angle).

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4. Seated Woman-On-Top ( Risky Business )

This train love-making scene (featuring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay) is a hot example of seated woman-on-top. Though it's slightly less risky (get it?) than doing it on public transportation, this position can easily be recreated in your own home on a chair or couch. If you're feeling exhibitionistic, feel free to try a slightly more scandalous version — but please don't have sex on public transit, because that's illegal and unsanitary.

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5. Against The Wall (Road House)

In Road House, young Patrick Swayze's character really knows how to use his muscles to make sex even hotter. Though not every couple can pull this off, there's something sexy and need-you-now about having sex with your partner holding you up against the wall. Try it if you're feeling brave — you probably won't regret it.

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6. Passionate Woman-On-Top (Shoot 'Em Up)

This super hot romp features Monica Bellucci's character asserting her dominance by mounting her partner in a twist on traditional cowgirl. Rather than sitting upright and bouncing up and down, she leans in for passionate kissing and plenty of intimate, skin-to-skin contact.

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7. Old Fashioned Missionary ( Cruel Intentions )

Having sex in missionary is not boring. There's a reason it's a classic, and this scene from one of my favorite 90s movies further proves the merits of missionary. The mega-hot Ryan Phillippe plays Sebastian, who's pretty much a total f*ckboy — until he falls in loves with Annette (played by Reese Witherspoon). In this scene, Sebastian takes Annette's virginity in a surprisingly tender way, and it's clear that the intimacy of missionary only heightens the experience for both characters.

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