5 Ways To Dress Up Like Daenerys Stormborn This Halloween

Cinderella, Snow White, Merida, Anna and Elsa — when it comes to Halloween costumes, royalty is all the rage. While the literary world has its fair share of queens and princesses to choose from, none are quite as badass as the Mother of Dragons herself, so if you're going to pick one to be, make sure you dress up like Daenerys Stormborn this Halloween.

From her delicate and wispy dresses at the beginning of the series to her leather and hide Dothraki makeover to her scale-inspired battle wear, Daenerys's fashion evolution makes her character the perfect model for a cool and versatile Halloween costume. It has everything you want when getting to dress up: beautiful clothes you'd never wear IRL, glamorous jewelry, and fun props. Whether you're the kind of person who buys a prepackaged costume or makes their own, dresses up alone or with others, there are so many different and creative ways to recreate one of the Breaker of Chains' many iconic looks.

If you're still looking for a cool and bookish ideas for your costume, here are 5 ways to dress up like Daenerys this Halloween. With a look like this, you'll not only be the rightful queen of Westeros, but the queen of all costume contests.

1. It's all about the hair.


Sure, the Seven Kingdoms may know Daenerys as the last Targaryen ruler, but we know her as the girl with the good hair.


Game of Thrones Cosplay Wig, $20, Amazon | Dainty Tiara, $13, Etsy

If you're lucky enough to have long locks the like Mother of Dragons, you can DIY her iconic braids with the help of this hair tutorial. Otherwise, look for Dany-style wigs, clip-on braids, or braided headbands. Accessorize your do with gold clips and tiaras, and you're hair transformation is complete.

2. Go Khaleesi style.


Leave the silks behind, because if you're channeling the Khaleesi-style Dany this Halloween, it's all about leather and suede.


Shiny Spandex Legging Pants, $6, Amazon | Lace-Up Body Suit, $3, Amazon | Tie-Up Gladiator Sandals, $27, Amazon

To pull off this look, you're going to want leather pants or leggings, a suede wrap skirt, lace-up bodysuits, leather vests, and tie-up sandals.

3. Look for cut out dresses.


If you want a costume you might be able to wear again, look for fun fashion dresses featuring cut out sides, a la Daenerys's Breaker of Chains looks.


White Dress, $25, Amazon | Gold Dress, $40, Amazon

You're going to want to find geometrically cut dresses in hues of blue, white, or gold. Focus on longer looks — ones featuring slits or ties are even better.

4. Make your own dress, toga-style.


For the DIY-ers out there, this Khaleesi costume is just for you.

Tracey Nguyen traceybeauty on YouTube

Daenerys Dress, $30, Amazon

While you can buy a prepackaged Daenerys dress, it's easy to make one on your own as well. Grab a blue or white, some safety pins, and get ready to wrap yourself like it's a college toga party. The best part? No sewing required.

5. Don't forget the dragons.


What is the Mother of Dragons without her scaly children?


Dragon Costume, $36, Amazon | Wings, $10, Amazon |

There are a few different ways you pull of the dragon part of this costume. If you're dressing up solo, grab a few dragon stuffed animals to tuck under your arm or attach to your shoulder with safety pins. If you want to turn your Game of Thrones get-up into a group thing, you can have your friends buy dragon costumes or, more simply, wings, or force your own lovable pet to play the role with a dog dragon costume.

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