'Gilmore Girls' Revival Spoilers From Yanic Truesdale Hint At Love, Drama, & A Potential Cliffhanger

While Michel's emotions on Gilmore Girls tend to range from slightly perturbed to extremely exasperated, that is not representative of the show at large or the actor who plays Lorelai's second in command. In a recent interview with Bustle, Yanic Truesdale gave Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life spoilers with emojis. Since the show is moving into the digital age with a new season on Netflix, what better way to tease what's coming than with another new medium?

Spoilers for the return of the series come from many sources, from interviews that confirm Luke and Lorelai's status as well as Rory's quarterlife crisis to promotional photos released by Netflix that can create a makeshift Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life timeline. With so many townies in Stars Hollow and paths for Rory to take in her career and personal life, these four new episodes are going to be jam-packed. Even Michel may have a romantic interest in the revival, and might not always be huffing and puffing behind the front desk at the Dragonfly Inn. Anything can happen.

However, if anyone knows what to hint about, it's someone who was actually there filming. Here are Truesdale's responses. If you want to interpret these as leaning towards Team Jess, Team Logan... or I guess Team Dean, go right ahead. But, Truesdale was specifically tasked with describing the show as a whole.

Hmmmm, what would surprise Michel, an appearance by Celine Dion? I think the first two could pretty easily symbolize Rory and Lorelai at their happiest and silliest. The eye roll is almost certainly indicative of Michel's natural state, and there is plenty of love, embarrassment, nosiness (those peeping eyes), and anger going around in Stars Hollow. These emojis kind of look to me like the emotional stages of watching any given episode of Gilmore Girls, so I'm happy to see that nothing has changed.

I think I'm most interested in the devil emoji. What could that possibly be spoiling?? Is there a Big Bad in A Year In The Life that we should know about? To be fair, it's probably something to do with Kirk, or maybe something as simple as a Halloween costume. The season is likely to hit as many holidays as possible, which is kind of Stars Hollow's specialty. That said, the fact that both anger and the purple devil appear in the middle (and right after love) could indicate a fight or a breakup. Ooh!

Finally, the fact that the last emoji is a thinking face has me nervous. After all that we've been through as fans, please don't tell me that the Gilmore Girls revival ends in a cliffhanger. My heart couldn't take it, unless of course it means there are plans for a Season 2.

Images: Warner Brothers; Bustle