Sonia Kashuk's Holiday Brush Sets Are So Chic, You're Going To Want The Entire Collection

Stylish, affordable makeup brushes aren't exactly easy to find. However, come the Holiday season, brands get into the holiday spirit and begin to release gorgeous sets of brushes at more reasonable prices. The latest in the proliferation of gorgeous brushes? The Sonia Kashuk Holiday Brush Sets. These beauties are a gothic-inspired dream come true, and they're also incredibly affordable. What's not to love about that?

Kashuk's brushes have long been a staple for shoppers who frequent the Target beauty section, and her new holiday brush set will become the latest must-have. The holiday sets are divided into three separate products. First up is Kashuk's geometric set of brushes, then it's her serpent collection, and finally, a a serpent brush holder to complete all three sets. While shimmer and glitter and glam are typically what's seen around the holidays, Kashuk took things in a different direction, and the result is perfect.

The Sonia Kashuk brand has been a staple at Target for some time now, and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. In 2015, the brand announced that it would be expanding into skincare, and all of the products stuck to a $16 or below price point. Just recently, Kashuk launched the Knockout Beauty range solidifying its place as a staple on the drugstore aisles.

Now, the Sonia Kashuk Holiday Brush Set is set to release in November, and fans are going to lose their minds. Not only are the brushes super chic, but at $39.99 for the most extensive set of serpent brushes which includes ten total tools, it's also a total steal.

Plus, the brush holder that accompanies them for $12.99 is going to look so cool on your vanity.

As for the geometric set of brushes, these stunners are so funky and fun that any one who lays eyes on them will need them in their cart as soon as possible. At just $29.99, these four brushes come in at under $8 per brush.

The Sonia Kashuk Holiday Brush Set is probably one of the most exciting holiday sets of the year and considering how many there have been, that's a big deal. Coming in November, these babies are sure to fly off the shelves.

Images: Courtesy of Sonia Kashuk