Chelsea Handler Live Tweets The Final Debate & Will Not Let Trump Live That Emmy Loss Down

Going into the third and final 2016 Presidential debate, I think all viewers knew we were in for an intense night, but none were as prepared as a certain sharp-witted comedian. Chelsea Handler live tweeted the final Presidential debate and boy, did she have some words for Donald Trump. This isn't the first time Handler has shared her political opinions on Twitter and she's been very open about her support of Hillary Clinton in the past. But with this final debate, she really took her Trump jabs to a whole new level of hilarity, not letting any of his most absurd comments slip under the radar.

From his apparently endless case of the sniffles to his demeaning remarks about women to his lasting bitterness over losing an Emmy, nothing Trump said was safe from Handler's biting commentary. Even if you missed her best tweets during the actual debate, they're still worth checking out (and retweeting, of course). Besides, if Trump's comments and general behavior during the debate left you heated, reading and laughing along with Handler's tweets just might help you turn that anger into something productive: hilarious tweets of your own. But first, let's look at Handler's jokes — she is an expert, after all.

To kick things off, Handler let all of Twitter know that she was watching and ready to share her thoughts with the internet by mocking Trump's "rigging" claims.

Handler's tweets ran the gamut after that, and one of her first comments was on Clinton's outfit, but in the best possible way.

The comedian had plenty to say about Trump's tendency to sniffle and previous microphone issues.

She also didn't hesitate to call the Republican candidate out for his most bizarre quotes, like his focus on Supreme Court nominations...

...And when he stated that he doesn't know and isn't "best friends" with Vladimir Putin.

When Clinton mentioned Trump tweeting about the Emmys being rigged after The Apprentice lost at the awards show, Handler utterly destroyed him. She made sure that everyone knew that not only did Trump lose the award, but that Clinton had accomplished much more important things.

(Oh, and she also informed us that, for what it's worth, Clinton has won mainstream entertainment awards too.)

Of course, Handler couldn't let Trump get away with sexist, disrespectful comments either — especially the moment when he called Clinton a "nasty woman" under his breath.

The only quote that might've gotten more attention than that mumble that was Trump's use of the phrase "bad hombres," and you better believe that Handler had a field day with that one.

Finally, combining those two standout moments, Handler posed a very important question to Twitter.

For this nasty woman, Handler's tweets were a bright spot during the third debate that offered a break from fuming over Trump to laugh at him instead.