Are Ashley Tisdale Illuminate Makeup Products Vegan? Here's Their Animal-Friendly Status

There are plenty of factors to consider when purchasing makeup, from color to texture to trends to price, obviously. Another matter of maj concern is the animal friendliness of products, which can mean "cruelty-free," as in no animal testing, or "vegan," as in no animal-derived ingredients. If you are a fan of Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate Cosmetics line or are considering making a purchase from this quietly yet passionately loved brand, you are likely wondering about its vegan or cruelty-free status. Is Illuminate, which launched earlier this year with a carefully edited collection of beach-inspired, shimmery neutrals, multi-tasking cream Cheek & Lip Tints, palettes, glosses, and now makeup brushes, a vegan brand?

No, the brand is not totally vegan but it does offer vegan products.

The Cheek & Lip Tints, which are loaded with moisturizing ingredients like shea and mango butters, are designed to create monochromatic looks for your face, and boast buildable colors, are indeed vegan, according to a post on the official Instagram.

What about the status of other Illuminate products?

The Beach Goddess and Night Goddess palettes are also vegan, per the product descriptions on the website, which is also a sales platform for Illuminate, along with Tilly's and Ulta online.

The brand's currently sold-out, much sought after makeup brush set, featuring seafoam green handles, is cruelty-free, comprised of synthetic bristles.

The C&LTs are beautiful, buildable hues and you can use them without an ounce of guilt, given their vegan status.

Faux hair and cruelty-free — another reason these affordable tools are a "Yes!"

The Beach Goddess listing clearly touts its vegan status.

Same here for the Night Goddess.

The Enhancing Lip Glosses are not tagged as vegan in the product description, which would mean that there is an animal-derived ingredient in the formula.

The Illuminating Shimmers will allow you to get your bronze on, but they are not vegan, either.

The Body Bronzer isn't vegan.

So there you have it. Illuminate has select vegan offerings. But the brand isn't vegan.

Bustle also reached out to BH Cosmetics reps to further inquire about the non-vegan status of certain products.

Images: Illuminate Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Illuminate Cosmetics (5)