How To DIY Tattoos For Halloween 2016 If Your Costume Requires Some Temporary Ink — VIDEOS

There's just a little over a week left to go until the anticipated night of Halloween, and if you're anything like me, you might be scrambling to put together an amazing costume. There's no need to fret, however, because there are tons of ideas that only require DIY makeup skills — no costume needed. While some might be going all out and creating their own, elaborate costumes from head to toe, you might fall into the category of Halloween-goers that believe in the "less is more" philosophy. Be it a snapchat filter or your favorite literary character, whatever you want to be this year, it'll be as simple as adding a few Halloween stitches to your forehead.

If you don't have anything in particular that you want to be this year, then you might as well simply embrace the Halloween spirit! Whether it's a spider web or a Jack-O-Lantern, or even just a bat, you can put some DIY Halloween tattoos on yourself to get into the spirit, and you can make it as spooky as you want!

With endless possibilities, you might not know exactly where to start. Luckily for you, I've rounded up some of the best DIY Halloween tattoos to get you started on your very own tattooing adventures.

1. Quick & Easy Tattoo

This DIY is as simple as it can get: a quick and easy drawing requiring only a few tools!

2. Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos for Halloween? Yes, please.

3. Badass Temporary Tats

Finish off your OITNB costume with these temporary tats.

4. Creepy Joker Tattoos

Or get creepy cool with Joker tattoos.

5. Harry Potter-Themed Tattoos

Honestly though, who doesn't want to channel Lord Voldemort on Halloween?

6. Henna-Inspired Ink

Perhaps you only need to add some extra ink to amplify your glam Halloween look. If that's you, look no further.

To put it simply, creating DIY tattoos is very easy. To do these at home, you'll just need pens, stencils, and if you're going the extra mile some temporary tattoo printer paper.


Staedtler Pigment Liner, $3.59,

The thinner tip, the better, so you can get really precise with your drawings.


Dazzle Glitter Tattoos Halloween Themed Stencils, $13.95,

There's no shame in tracing out your tattoo!

Tattoo Printer Paper

Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper, $6.30,

You definitely need this if you're going for something elaborate.

Images: Kayla Hagey, Blick, Amazon, Wal-Mart