Chris Pratt Will Romance Anna Faris On 'Mom'

If you thought Chris Pratt's TV days were behind him, then you underestimated the power of love. Entertainment Weekly reports Chris Pratt will guest star on Mom , his wife Anna Faris' CBS sitcom, as a horseback riding instructor who also happens to be the nephew of Faris' onscreen BFF Marjorie. Marjorie will declare her handsome nephew as off limits to her group of single friends, but true love will not be denied as Faris' Christy pursues him anyway. In other words, this episode of Mom, set to air in early 2017, will be the actual best for fans of the real-life couple.

Pratt last appeared on TV as the lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, but, thanks to blockbuster franchises Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, he's become one of Hollywood's most in demand actors. He's not so in demand that he would turn down an offer to work alongside Faris again though. The world's most adorable married couple previously shared the screen in What's Your Number?, Take Me Home Tonight, and Movie 43. Seeing them together onscreen again will go a long way toward restoring America's belief in love after a year of sad celebrity breakups.

Faris and Pratt have always been one of Hollywood's sweetest duos. You have to look no further than their social media pages to see just how committed (and charmingly goofy) they are. Their Instagrams are virtual shrines to relationship goals. Just look at this photo of them watching The Wizard of Oz with their son Jack. You just dissolved into a puddle of warm and fuzzies, didn't you?

Aside from being the best couples in Hollywood, Pratt and Faris both happen to be hysterical onscreen. Mom is easily one of the best sitcoms on TV for the honest way it balances recovering from addiction with real life struggles. Having Pratt guest star is just going to add to the fun and to the list of reasons for why this series is such a standout.

Christy is notoriously unlucky in love, so watching her try to woo Marjorie's nephew is going to be a treat for longtime fans and anyone who tunes in to see Pratt on the small screen again. Faris and Pratt have already proven their onscreen chemistry is just as magical as their off screen chemistry, but seeing them collide on Mom is going to be something special.

While Pratt is a huge movie star, Faris is one of TV's brightest stars. Together, they are a talented power couple at the height of their careers. The only drawback of Pratt guesting on Mom is there is no way fans will ever be able to accept any of Christy's future beaus after she meets this forbidden horse riding instructor. I think everyone can live with that if it means seeing Faris and Pratt being awesome together though.

Images: Getty Images