Does This Mean 'TWD's Daryl Won't Die In S7?

The long wait to see which beloved The Walking Dead character Negan takes out in the Season 7 premiere is almost over, but Norman Reedus may have just given fans a small glimmer of hope for Daryl's survival. When it comes to The Walking Dead characters, none of them are quite as beloved as Daryl Dixon. His status as the ultimate fan favorite should spare him from Negan's bat, Lucille, but in the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead no one is safe. Still, Reedus revealed how he would like Daryl to be killed off the show to Comicbook.com, and his scenario does not involve a bat.

Does this mean Daryl is safe? Probably not, but it does seem suspicious Reedus would offer up his ideal death scenario for Daryl if the character was no longer among the living. Reedus could be playing the long game and trying to throw fans off the scent. I am choosing to take his comments at face value though because a world without Daryl Dixon is too depressing to contemplate.

So, how does Reedus want the bow and arrow toting Daryl to exit the show when the time comes? The same way he entered it, quietly and with no fuss. Reedus is so Daryl it hurts sometimes.

"I'd like him to just walk away and just walk away into the woods, and people go, 'Where the heck is that guy?'" Reedus told Comicbook.com. "It's like, 'Oh, he gets shot.' 'Oh, he turns into a zombie.' 'They put him down.' We've seen all of that happen so many times. I think with Daryl, because he came in that way, I think he should go out that way. He should just walk away, and people are like, 'What ever happened to him?' Nobody knows. He's like the Outlaw Josey Wales or some s***."

I am pretty sure fans would riot if Daryl just disappeared into the woods never to be seen again, but it would be a cool ending for a man like Daryl. Since day one, Daryl has been a loner, country boy, and there is a certain cowboy poetry to the idea of him disappearing into the sunset with no explanation. Reedus' idea is just one more example of how in tune he is with his character.

The biggest upside to the simple end Reedus imagines for Daryl is it is a far less brutal exit than the one set to befall whoever is on the other end of Negan's attack. Here is hoping Reedus' discussion about his dream Daryl farewell means Daryl will be spared such a harsh fate.

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