A Halloween Episode Of 'Black Mirror' Could Happen, According To Series Creator Charlie Brooker

Every episode of Black Mirror could be a Halloween episode thanks to the series' nightmarish examination of technology, but in a recent interview with The Independent, series creator Charlie Brooker revealed he wants to do an actual Black Mirror Halloween special. Even more? Apparently, he is already toying with ideas on how he would set the episode apart from other installments of the anthology series. Go ahead and get psyched, because you know Black Mirror would have a flawless Halloween special with Brooker at the helm.

Brooker already created one successful holiday special for the series, "White Christmas," the Xmas-themed outing starring Jon Hamm. Halloween seems like an even more natural fit for the universe Brooker has created, and a Halloween special would feature a similar style to the Christmas outing with several interlocking stories in one episode — an anthology inside of an anthology, if you will. "I want to do a Treehouse of Horror; the Christmas special is kind of that," Brooker told The Independent. "So I’m toying with the idea of doing another one with several interweaving stories."

Imagine an episode of Black Mirror featuring bite-sized servings of horror like The Simpsons serves up in its annual Treehouse of Horror stories. It sounds amazing, right? Netflix needs to give Brooker the green light on this Halloween idea immediately. The world deserves a dark and delicious Black Mirror Halloween treat in time for Halloween 2017.

While you will just have to wait and see if Brooker's Halloween episode ever comes to fruition, you will be happy to know the Black Mirror maestro was looking out for your spooky interests this year. Knowing Black Mirror Season 3 would be released on Netflix right around Halloween, Brooker purposely bumped "Playtest" up the lineup to be the second episode of the season. Brooker thought the episode was perfect for the holiday thanks to the release of the Playstation VR. The episode shows off the dark side of VR just as many viewers are becoming fans of the improved technology. As always, Black Mirror is quick to remind you new technology can be terrifying in the wrong hands.

"Playtest" will have to do for now, but take heart in knowing Brooker loves Halloween as much as you do. Black Mirror hasn't delved into the darkest holiday of the year just yet, but Brooker has proven when it comes to horror, he plans to leave no ghastly idea unexplored for too long.

Images: David Dettmann/Netflix; Giphy