Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Squash Breakup Rumors With One Hilarious Instagram — PHOTO

It's always a wonderful thing when a celebrity takes idle gossip reports to task and, in the process, shows a different side of themselves. This was precisely the case when Chris Hemsworth responded to rumors that his marriage was on the rocks on his Instagram. It should come as no surprise that the actor, along with wife Elsa Pataky, chose humor as their weapon to combat these rumors. Hemsworth is a light-hearted guy both on- and off-screen — why not keep the tone cheerful in this rather touchy instance? Hemsworth captioned the rib-tickling photo of he and his wife, on a boat with this quip: "Looking for a new wife according to @womensdayaus and other misleading outlets! Honey you still love me right?! [...] #thanksfortheheadsup."

Poking fun at the rumors rather than giving them any credence is exactly the kind of admirable thing Hemsworth would be inclined to do. In the public eye, he regularly paints himself as the quintessential freewheeling, fun-loving Australian dude. In his latest Instagram post, his commentary on looking for a new wife while Pataky sits happily beside him is a great way to say, "Hey naysayers, take a chill pill, alright?" We all know, though, that Hemsworth and Pataky are the definition of devoted to one another. In one interview, Hemsworth swooned over Pataky, saying that watching her be a rockstar mother made him fall even more in love with her. They're fine, you guys. Totally fine.

Hemsworth's Instagram also served as commentary against a rather common Hollywood narrative that can gets propagated in celebrity news. Posed as a question — Is this celebrity marriage on the rocks? — we see it time and time again in tabloids. Often, the couple in question is one that has appeared to be incredibly stable, further causing us to wonder, worry, and be left hungrier for (often baseless) information. The rumors about Hemsworth and Pataky are simply replicas of previous stories about other couples. For further proof, you need look no further than the way Jennifer Aniston's marriage to Justin Theroux is spoken about.

Whether or not the stories are true, they often have life breathed into them through insidious rumor mills. What results is celebrities often having to needlessly fend off rumors for no reason at all. In Hemsworth and Pataky's case, they chose to take the high and humorous road.