Twitter Users Take A Stand With #ImTooOldFor

Whether it's a passive aggressive bestie, a sexist boss, a gaslighting partner, or the archaic rule about not wearing white jeans after Labor Day, there's a moment when you suddenly realize what you won't put up with anymore. In this spirit, #ImTooOldFor is trending on Twitter, and users of all ages are revealing what they've decided to leave in the past.

There's no common age when you outgrow a behavior or an interest. I know women over 30 who play with dolls, and women in their early 20s who think going out to bars with friends is a waste of time. As a teen, I was only interested in reading the classics, from Dostoevsky to Camus and Hurston to Achebe, and now I really like killing brain cells via teen magazines.

Similarly, when it comes to relationships, there's no common age when drama and conflict stops rearing its head. Tweens lose friends over jealousy and gossip, and so do grandmas. Middle-aged women can date f*ckboys, and so can college-aged women. And, of course, young girls can just as easily party or dress like old ladies — and vice versa.

Here are just a few of the things Twitter users say #ImTooOldFor:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter