How To Get Holographic Lips For A Shimmery Pout

2016 has been the year of the sparkly statement lip. First, thanks to Pat McGrath, we had the glitter lip. Then, to the delight of all of us crystal collectors out there, came the geode lip. Now it's as if the two have merged together to create the holographic lip.

Thanks to makeup artist Lexie Lazear (the genius behind this Harry Potter-inspired makeup tutorial), this cool new textured lip comes to us just in time to play dress up next weekend for Halloween. Creating the look takes only three products, but admittedly does require quite a bit of patience. After applying matte gloss, you'll want to apply the glitter slowly and in layers. "I did three or four layers of glitter, using Too Faced glitter glue in between layers, pressing the glue and the glitter on with my pinky," says Lazear. "Last I applied a few pieces of glitter to the edges with tweezers to keep my lip shape fairly sharp."

Here are the products Lazear used for her version of the look, but there are plenty of alternatives out there for you to try out on your own. All you need are a matte lipgloss (Think of all the color possibilities out there besides pink... Hello, Halloween mermaid lips.), glitter glue, cellophane glitter and a pair of tweezers.

Just don't try to eat any hamburgers (or anything without a straw) once you've gotten it all on.

1. Coral Pink Lipgloss

Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day liquid lip in Bellissimo, $24,

The pink that Lazaer used is called "Baby Pink" by Anastasia Beverly Hills, but according to her it's rather difficult to find. She suggests this Stila shade as a great alternative, "but you just want a matte or satin pink lipstick with a hint of coral, to pick up the pink/coral in the holographic particles," she says.

2. Glitter Glue

Two Faced Glitter Glue, $20,

When creating holographic lips, there is really no such thing as too much glitter glue. Apply thick layers to make sure the glitter particles stick.

3. Opalescent Glitter

Square Graphic Glitter, $16,

Tweeze on as many of these shiny little flecks as you want and voila, you're a hologram.

Images: LexieLazear/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands