New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Posters Are Here & It Looks Like The Entire Gilmore Family Is Back — PHOTOS

When the very first Gilmore Girls revival posters dropped, they came in a set of four — highlighting the significance of winter, spring, summer and fall, and proving that A Year in the Life isn't just a flippant title. Now, the series is showing its four most important characters with new Gilmore Girls posters featuring Rory, Lorelai, Luke and Emily. And it's interesting to see the three Gilmore women and one Danes man highlighted like that. Just like the seasons, it looks like the Gilmore family is changing... which means that fans are going to see some interesting new dynamics when the Netflix revival drops on Nov. 25.

See, with these promos being released in tangent, Netflix is making a subtle statement on who represents the Gilmore family now, and unfortunately that family lacks the book-loving, bowtie-wearing patriarch, Richard. Fans all know the heart-wrenching story behind that, how actor Edward Herrmann's death will somberly tie into the revival. It's a palpable loss that any fan can feel when looking at Emily sitting solo. But there's a comfort in seeing the elder Gilmore upright and ready for Wine O'Clock. The upcoming trailer suggests that Emily is having a back-and-forth time grieving after Richard (throwing out the old, putting up giant paintings of his visage), yet the poster suggests that it won't break her. And maybe now Lorelai will deal with her mother with a softer hand ... or at least less snark.

Of course, with every ending comes a new beginning, and even though the tale of Lorelai and Luke is as old as time (read: Season 1), they weren't on stable ground for the entirety of Season 7 — or at least until the finale. Now it looks as though Luke is firmly by Lorelai's side, most likely as her fiancé yet again, if not, simply her steady boyfriend-slash-husband. The diner owner is now a regular, not a recurring guest at Friday night dinners, and I'm assuming that by now Emily has long accepted, if not fully embraced, this change. It's a comforting thought to know that while the Gilmore family lost Richard, they've gained Luke, someone truly worthy of taking up the role of a paternal figure (unlike that loser Christopher). And while the girls can survive just moderately well without their boys (I mean, look how much drama erupts whenever love interests butt heads), they also could use someone both strong and down-to-earth around while they're trading barbs about each other's life choices.

And obviously, the core of the Gilmore family is the two main Gilmore girls themselves. Even though the revival seems to suggest that Rory is out living a "vagabond" existence, it also assures viewers that the mother-daughter pairing is as close as ever, like literally-sharing-the-same poster close. And I think if nothing else, that sense of familiarity is the most essential ingredient to the Gilmore family.

The series was strongest when Rory and Lorelai were together, and it would falter when the two were at odds. Going into this new adventure, you wonder and worry how much has changed over the years, how much Rory could have possibly detached from her mother when she was out traveling the world. These two have grown into real women, and the possibility that they could've grown apart is there. But between the trailer and the poster, fans shouldn't be concerned. The bond that this entire show is built on is unbroken, which means that while certain identities have shifted, certain characters have left this earth, and certain relationships might be altered, the core of this family remains the same.

Though Friday night dinners won't ever be quite the same, I'm really stoked to see Emily at the head of the table, Luke pulling up an assigned seat, and the Gilmore girls trading pop culture references over the meal Emily's maid-of-the-month brings out. Make sure to watch the official Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life trailer below to get a feel for the new Gilmore fam in action.

Images: Netflix (4)