Jess Might Live In Stars Hollow In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival & That Would Make Sense

Ever since Rory first attended Chilton, Gilmore Girls fans have known that the young journalist-on-the-rise was destined for greatness. However, like most millennials settling into adulthood, even the most promising of the Gilmores has come face-to-face with the hardship of finding herself. In Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life trailer, it's clear that Rory's life isn't as put together as one might expect it to be by now. Instead, there's another character who (rather unexpectedly) looks like he's well-settled into adulthood: Jess Mariano. In a scene between Jess and Rory, the trailer hints at the fact that Jess has a job in an office (possibly for a newspaper?). Now that Rory is back in Stars Hollow, I can't help but wonder if it's in the small Connecticut town that the former love birds are reconnecting. If so, Rory's ex-boyfriend could have done the unimaginable: Jess could have moved to Stars Hollow.

As a teenager, Luke's nephew was most definitely the rebellious-type. Growing up in the big city, Jess' locations spanned from New York to Los Angeles to his oh-so-brief stint in Stars Hollow. In fact, if Jess made one thing clear throughout his appearances in town, it was that he was in no way a small town kind of guy. However, in the latest trailer, I couldn't help but notice his comfortable-looking situation. At the 1:30 mark, Rory appears to visit Jess at his desk, at his job, in a more laid-back location. He doesn't appear to be at a busy New York office, he's definitely off of the California beaches, and he's sipping on some scotch.

This is the first time that Jess appears to be settled in anywhere. Maybe if Rory is the one returning to Stars Hollow, perhaps Jess was there the whole time.

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I know. It's crazy to think that Jess would ever be comfortable in Stars Hollow. But Jess can continue to be a published author and get a stable writing job from the comfort of his uncle's town. After years of wandering around, maybe Jess has finally outgrown his rebellious spirit in exchange for some sort of normalcy, leaving the doors wide open for Rory and Jess to settle down together at this stage in their lives. Meanwhile, Rory's other ex-boyfriend, Logan, may very well be running from the whole idea of settling down in a small town. I mean, he is still hanging out with the entire Life & Death Brigade crew.

Now, of course, this could just be an extension of my wishful thinking for Rory and Jess to be the endgame couple of the series. However, Jess' move to Stars Hollow wouldn't be as surprising as one might assume. If anything, a small town Jess would be the perfect way to show his commitment to his love for Rory and his newfound level of maturity.

Welcome home, Jess. I can't wait to see you back in town — for good.

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