Lottie Tomlinson's Nails Inc. Makeup Collaboration Will Convince You To Coordinate Your Polish & Lipstick

If you're a younger sibling, there's always a fear of being called your older sibling's name in class or not living up to the high standards he or she precedented before you in chemistry. But Lottie Tomlinson's second collaboration with Nails Inc., marking the beauty brand's first venture into makeup, proves she has nothing to worry about when it comes to being compared to her older siblings.

To avid One Direction fans, Lottie's name might sound familiar — she is actually the younger half-sister to Louis Tomlinson, the (IMO) most attractive member of One Direction. Though Tomlinson (18) is six years younger than Louis (24), she is well on her way to being just as successful as her older brother, only in the world of beauty.

When I spoke to Tomlinson about her latest collaboration with Nails. Inc, she began by telling me about her big break into the beauty industry at 16 years old. It was when she began making makeup tutorials and when London-based hair and makeup artist Lou Teasdale began mentoring her. Teasdale was the makeup artist for One Direction's On The Road Again Tour (#OTRA) and brought Lottie along as her assistant and second artist on the tour. But her passion for makeup started well before then. Tomlinson said she remembers when she was 12 years old and her mom handed her a product from Benefit (she continues to have an affinity for the brand!). Tomlinson then started practicing on her younger sisters, and the rest is history.

We know what happened to the boys after that tour (tears and anxiety ensue) but what happened to Tomlinson? She actually continued making makeup tutorials (seriously, if you haven't watched them, stop reading this, watch, then come back. She has such a unique style!) but she also partnered with Nails Inc. — twice! With this second collaboration, she has become the face of the brand's first venture into beauty. While Nails Inc. is typically focused on creating amazing nail polishes, they called upon Tomlinson to help them create a line of spray paint polish and lipsticks to match their nail polishes.

I talked to Tomlinson and Becky Knowles, the Global Senior Communications Manager of Nails Inc., to hear all about the line that launched on Oct. 26.

Lottie Named All Of The Polishes

While Lottie is the face of Nails Inc. latest line, and the product is attributed to her, she said Lou did help come up with shades and the idea for nail polish and lipstick. But the names of each color — Out Out/Buzzin, Sick/Salt, Rascal/Hell and Babes/Mint — were all her own from her personal vernacular.

Lottie Thinks The Spray Paint Polish Stays On Longer Than Regular Polish

Tomlinson posted an Instagram tutorial on how to use the spray can bottle, for those of you who are worried you're doing it wrong. Suddenly, painting your nails looks like a lot more fun of a process than painting with a tiny brush and watching them dry. "Plus, I'm not sure how it works, but the polish seems to stay on longer," says Lottie on her spray nail polish.

Nails Inc. Wanted Lottie To Represent Their First Makeup Venture

Knowles says that the company was "trying to keep up with its demographic" by introducing makeup to the brand and that "Lottie was the perfect person to represent our latest venture, as a beauty expert." The best part? Nails Inc. is selling Lottie's latest line for $16!

This Is Only The Beginning For Lottie's Beauty Ventures

"Next year, I am coming out with a book all about little beauty tips and tricks," says Lottie. And I'm going to need to know where to pre-order that.

The collection is now available on the Nails Inc. website and Sephora stores.

I know I can't wait to try it!

Images: Nails Inc.