Hillary Clinton's And Donald Trump's Birth Charts, Because The 2016 Eclipses May Reveal The Next President

We’re constantly fascinated by what our zodiac sign says about our lives. That's why Bustle has enlisted Mecca Woods, a New York City-based Astrologer of MyLifeCreated.com to tell us all about how astrology is affecting our lives each day. Today's topic: astrology predictions for the 2016 presidential election.

If you’re an astrology lover like I am, there’s a chance that you may have noticed that the 2016 presidential election (its fore-running candidates and the potential outcome) has been a hot topic among astrologers. Astrologers have passionately discussed everything, from who will win to Hillary Clinton’s real birth time (yes, there’s a discrepancy, and yes we’ll go over it later) to the reasoning behind Donald Trump’s issues with women. As an astrologer myself, I can’t help but to blurt out “He’s a Gemini!” whenever Trump is caught saying two very contradictory things or “She’s a Scorpio!” whenever people discuss their inability to fully trust Clinton. Now granted, this is not to say that every Gemini is a Trump or that every Scorpio is just like Clinton. Nor does it mean that astrology should be used to absolve someone of less than stellar behavior. However, looking at Clinton's and Trump's birth charts, the astrology doesn’t lie, folks.

That said, here’s what the stars have to say about Clinton, Trump, and who the next president will be:

Hillary Clinton: Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising

As I mentioned earlier, there’s been some discrepancies about the actual time that Clinton was born, which has given us three possible birth times and three possible charts for the former First Lady. Honestly, if this isn’t Scorpio, I don’t know what is. As the zodiac sign that’s associated with secrets, espionage, and mystery, the fact that there’s mystery around her actual birth time almost feels like she doesn’t want us digging into her business trying to get the scoop — something that a very private Scorpio would hate. For Scorpio, a sign that’s motivated by intimacy and power; being the only one in the know or having “the know” first while revealing very little about themselves, gives Scorpio the upper hand.

Still, the astrological consensus is that her 8:02 a.m. birth time is the one to go with, as it better explains why someone born under a covert zodiac sign like Scorpio, would want to make a very public career in politics. Not only does the 8:02 a.m. birth time show that she born with Mars (action, ambition, courage) conjoined to Pluto (power, reform) in a leadership-oriented, yet spotlight loving sign like Leo; it also shows that these planets sit right next to her Saturn (rules, authority, achievement) in Leo, where all three planets are housed in the zone of her chart that deals with law and political beliefs. Plus, this birth time also gives her a Scorpio rising, the part of the birth chart that handles how people see us and the impressions we give. In addition to Clinton’s Scorpio Sun (identity), a Scorpio rising would also explain why voters and critics alike feel like she’s perpetually hiding something, like she can’t be trusted, and why there's been a hailstorm of rumors and accusations around her that have pegged her as being corrupt and ruthless. With a Scorpio rising, you get the feeling like you never really know what’s going on behind the curtains. With Scorpio, in general, you get the kind of intensity, fearlessness, and power that people tend to fear/hate or respect, never any in between.

Her Moon, coupled with her Venus, (both of which are in two feminine water signs) shows her as someone who's willing to dedicate her life to protecting and advocating for women's rights.

Speaking of what’s behind the curtains, what’s up with those emails? We’re less than a weeks away from the election and still no one seems to know exactly why Clinton thought it was necessary to keep government emails on a server in the basement of her home. Though with her being a Scorpio, it’s not surprising. Some from Clinton’s camp, including Clinton herself, have said it was simply easier for her to have all of her emails in one place (her beloved BlackBerry) which kind of sounds like Scorpio’s resistance to change or following the rules. Though it also sounds like a Scorpio who may not have wanted her emails monitored by her job . Still, it seems that as a Scorpio, Clinton would have taken extra precaution to protect her server and her emails from prying eyes, unfortunately this didn't happen.

The last thing worth noting in Clinton’s chart is her Moon (feelings) in Pisces and her Venus (relationships, money, women) in Scorpio. One of the biggest messages that has fueled her campaign is her stance on women’ rights and children and families. Clinton’s sensitive Pisces Moon is housed in the zone of her chart that handles motherhood, womanhood, and family. Her Moon, coupled with her Venus, (both of which are in two feminine water signs) shows her as someone who's willing to dedicate her life to protecting and advocating for women's rights. However, women's empowerment aside, it's because of all of the water (Pisces, Scorpio) in her chart and the lack of the earth element (steadfastness) in it that's also brought Clinton under fire for flip-flopping on her political views in order to pander to voters. Pisces, in particular, is a sign that's known for being changeable and malleable. While she's attempted in the past to explain her reasoning for switching her position, going forward she will have to guard against her malleability being a liability to her career.

Donald Trump: Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising

One of the biggest things that has always stood out about Trump during this campaign is his penchant for exaggerating and contradicting himself. Too many times we’ve seen him go on record to say one thing, get called out on it by voters, critics, and journalists alike, only to come back and say the exact opposite or deny what was said in the first place. In astrology, Gemini is represented by the archetype of The Twins, which bestows Geminis their duality and their ability to find commonality amongst contradiction, as well their ability to say two things at once. With Gemini also being the zodiac sign that handles language and communication, it’s also not surprising that no matter how shocking or awful the things that he says are, Trump also has the gift of gab. Just look at the many people (including Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich — who are also Geminis) that are willing to follow and defend him.

Something else that comes up in connection to Trump’s Gemini Sun, is what critics (and even his wife, Melania Trump) have pegged as immaturity. Because Gemini is associated with a childlike curiosity and spontaneity that stems from their desire to learn, see, and discuss as much as they can, Geminis often stay youthful and sprightly well into their senior years. This is evident with Trump’s infamous sense of humor and his tantrums. His Gemini identity is also evident, when those who’ve worked with him or have interviewed him speak about how easily Trump gets bored or distracted. Gemini is a multifaceted sign that lives for variety and new experiences but as a result can sometimes need help with staying focused.

This fire and air combination makes for a lot of big talk and ideas, but not a lot in the way of actual execution.

Some other things that stand out, astrologically speaking, about Trump is his Moon (feelings) in Sagittarius and his Leo Rising (self-image). Together, these two fiery aspects make for someone with a flashy, charismatic, larger than life image/ego built on money and fame (Leo), as well as over the top political beliefs and casinos (Sagittarius). Trump’s Gemini Sun-Sagittarius Moon opposition is also why it seems hard to pin him down on specifics (like his proposed policies) and why he tends to speak in superlatives. In astrology, Sagittarius is known for its powers of opportunity and growth, which could also lead to exaggeration and over confidence, and like Gemini is considered a Mutable (adaptable, changeable) sign. This fire and air combination makes for a lot of big talk and ideas, but not a lot in the way of actual execution.

The last signature in his chart worth noting, is Mercury (communication), Venus (relationships, money, women), and Saturn (business, authority, restriction) all landing in the sign of Cancer. This is important because Cancer is associated with home, family, nostalgia, and emotional security. This is why Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign has been so successful for his presidential run. The U.S. is a Cancer nation (founded on July 4) and Trump has been able to directly tap into the country’s emotional current by speaking about the need for citizens to protect their home turf from perceived foreign threats and make a return to past values. This wall Trump keeps talking about building sounds a lot like the Cancerian crab shell. His Cancer planets are also why he’s made his fortune on running the family real estate business as well as why he has had so many issues with women. With Cancer also associated with the archetype of the mother, his Venus-Saturn aspect in Cancer suggests that his problematic relationship with women stems from possibly feeling unloved or a lack of nurturing while growing up. Basically, all of his hot air is an attempt to throw us off from something deeper going on.

So, Who Will Win?

Now, I'll get to the meat here, folks. The one factor that jumps out at me in terms of determining which candidate will win this election is the 2016 eclipses. Eclipses in astrology are game-changers. They’re like turbo charged New and Full Moons that bring rapid and radical beginnings and endings over six month periods wherever they land in our birth charts. Incidentally, Trump was born on an eclipse, which has given him his radical and reactionary disposition. Though be that as it may, the 2016 eclipses have actually been working against him.

That Virgo eclipse was a Solar Eclipse, which means that Clinton is about to embark on a whole new chapter where it pertains to her career.

He did get as far as he did thanks to expansive Jupiter in attention grabbing Leo (July 2014-August 2015) sitting on his Mars (action, confidence) in Leo and his Leo Rising; boosting his presence and his ratings with public. Though as the 2016 eclipses started to come in first on March 8 (Solar Eclipse in Pisces), then on March 23 (Lunar Eclipse in Libra), again on August 18 (Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius), then on September 1 (Solar Eclipse in Virgo), and lastly on September 16 (Lunar Eclipse in Pisces) his campaign and his image has taken on some serious hits. Eclipses on the Virgo-Pisces axis tend to highlight fact versus fiction, wishful thinking versus detailed analysis, and compassion and service to others. The Pisces eclipses especially, squared off with his Gemini Sun, spilling secrets and exposing him as not being as selfless and caring as he and his supporters profess him to be.

The Virgo eclipse helped us all to become better fact checkers, poking holes into his arguments. While the eclipse in Libra turned his words against him and the eclipse in Aquarius zapped his ability to remain cool and calm under pressure, costing him fans. Jupiter (law, politics, faith, opportunity), which is now in image conscious Libra has just finished squaring Trump’s Mercury, which marked the loss of support from fellow Republicans as scandal after scandal rocks his campaign.

Meanwhile, on Clinton’s end, the Pisces eclipses lent their support to her Pisces Moon; boosting her tenacity and her instincts which has helped her and her team devise a campaign strategy that has helped her stay on the offensive. Plus, as a Scorpio who needs to stay in control, it’s hard to see Clinton coming completely unhinged in the public eye. The eclipses in Pisces also gave a boost to her Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, which also helped to ramp up her personal magnetism and her likability in the polls, as well as helped her to win all three of the presidential debates. The eclipse in Virgo, was especially game-changing as it landed atop her Midheaven — the zone in the birth chart that’s activated whenever we’re being recognized for our professional achievements or take a huge career step, like a promotion or becoming president of the United States. That Virgo eclipse was a Solar Eclipse, which means that Clinton is about to embark on a whole new chapter where it pertains to her career. And it looks like that new chapter may be becoming America's first female president.

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