David Blaine Is Scaring All Your Favorite Celebs In His New Special & Yes, That Includes Drake — VIDEO

National magical treasure, David Blaine, and his apathetic card tricks are coming back for another ABC special. This time, he's bringing an impressive, albeit random, group of celebrities along with him. Though that shouldn't come as a surprise, considering that celebs love to awe and gawk at Blaine's famous hoodwinks. A new promo for ABC's David Blaine: Beyond Magic provides a glimpse into the next batch of famous people that he will be illusioning (new word I'm using), and let's just say, the celebs who will appear in David Blaine: Beyond Magic are a real smorgasbord. Spoiler alert: There's even a Drake cameo.

In Beyond Magic, Blaine has decided that magic was not enough. To help him move past the embryonic and immaturity of regular magic, he's enlisting the likes of celebrities like Emma Stone to be confounded — and kind of disgusted — by the illusionist's transcending tricks and stunts. One such trick-stunt (another new phrase) involves removing some sort of string out of Blaine's person. Sounds ... fun? Another involves him free-falling, like Tom Petty (but much more life-threatening). Lastly, there's a shot of Blaine appearing to be on the brink of getting shot. In the mouth. By a real-looking gun. So Blaine might die, and John Travolta will be there to witness it all go down. What a time to be alive! (So said another one of his victims, aka Drake.)

Check out the preview below and see if you can spot all of the famous folks.

Just in case you didn't catch them all, the lengthy list of cameos includes Hollywood breakout star, Margot Robbie; Travolta (hopefully he doesn't mispronounce anything); a dark-haired Stone; a stressed out David Beckham sans Posh Spice; a goofy-smiling Aubrey Graham, who you might know as Drake; Star Trek star Patrick Stewart; ex-governator Arnold Schwarzenegger; basketball super-freak Steph Curry; legendary comic Dave Chapelle; and last, but not least, the eccentric hat-wearing Johnny Depp. What a group, right? (Read: That list of people makes no sense.)

Other celebrity appearances during the special are, of course, possible, given that A-listers and big-time Hollywood players like Robert De Niro have fallen victim to Blaine's ruses before. Even the busiest of celebs have taken time out of their schedule to be fooled by Blaine. Case in point, Kanye West, Katy Perry, and Will Smith have all participated in the past. Will they show up or sit this particular set of psychological torture out?

Luckily, I'll know for sure when David Blaine: Beyond Magic airs on Nov. 15.