11 Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Items At Home For Fast Frights

If you're currently at work, school, or otherwise engaged, but in the back of your mind you're wondering what the devil you're going to wear tonight, don't worry. Breathe. There are a bunch of Halloween costumes you can make with items at home, so you can concentrate on whatever it is you're doing and know that your costume is in the trick-or-treat bag.

IMO, it seems Halloween comes around quicker each year and personally, I never feel ready for it. Stores seem to be raking in on the Halloween hype and selling fancy dress costumes and spooky decor earlier and earlier — it's beginning to get like Christmas, where stores start lining their shelves with plastic Santas as early as September, or even before. Sure, they want to benefit from the few extra dollars they'll make by marketing ghoulish delights to the ridiculously organised, but it can leave us less organised folks feeling a little stressed. Especially when you leave it to the last minute, knowing that Halloween costumes have been on sale for at least a month or longer.

But, you can let go of your stress and worry and you don't need to buy a leftover costume that doesn't fit right. Here are an array of costumes you can make with items you might already have lying around your home. So you can get your creative juices flowing and at least look like you were super organised.

1. A Stepford Wife

Lovely Lace Work Aprons, $14, A mazon

If you don't have an apron tucked away in your kitchen drawer, ask your granny or that one friend who adores baking to borrow theirs. Next, pair it with a vintage frock, do your hair all fancy, and your The Stepford Wives inspired costume is complete!

2. A Modern Vampire

Shredders Double Vampire Fangs — Adult Std., $17, Amazon

Dig out your fangs from Halloweens passed and choose your favorite, contemporary vampire from Twilight, True Blood, or The Vampire Diaries. Wear whatever you want and splatter a little fake blood on your face for a killer look.

3. Eleven

Smiffy's 20s Luscious Long Wig, $18, A mazon

Do you have a blonde wig at the back of your closet? Put it to good use with a pink dress and a pack of Eggos for the perfect Eleven from Stranger Things costume.

4. Karen Smith

Elope Mouse Ears and Tail Costume Kit, $11, A mazon

Mean Girls fans will have fun dressing as Karen in a pair of mouse ears and a black dress, because she's a mouse, duh.

5. Rosie The Riveter

Bandana (Red), $5, A mazon

Tie your hair up in a red bandana and don an all denim ensemble to transform into Rosie the Riveter this All Hallow's Eve.

6. Cruella De Vil

Fox Empire Collection Ombré Faux Fur Coat, $84, Torrid

If there's a faux fur coat hanging in your closet, use it to become one of Disney's most evil yet elegant villains: Cruella de Vil.

7. Singin' In The Rain

Hunter Original Lightweight Raincoat, $230, A SOS

Has the weather taken a turn for the worst? Go to your Halloween party as Singin' in the Rain, sporting your favorite raincoat. Don't forget your umbrella, plus, you get bonus points for singing the entire evening.

8. The Junk Lady

Labyrinth lovers will adore this quirky pop culture reference. To become the Junk Lady, empty your laundry basket then tie tons of miscellaneous items onto it; making sure they're lightweight of course. Then fasten the laundry basket to your back, mess your hair up, and wear brown threads so that the focus is on your back full of belongings.

9. Scream Queens

Fashion fans that don't fancy being gruesome this year can opt for a glamorous Scream Queens inspired costume. Just pick your favorite Chanel (or color,) craft a quick headband out of card, and you'll look spookily sophisticated.

10. A Bat

Toughbag 42 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags, 3.0 Mil, 50/Case Garbage Bags (Black), $29, A mazon

If you're someone who loves wearing all black all the time, put on your favorite black garments, then finish your costume off with some easy wings cut out from a regular garbage bag.

11. Cindy Lou Who

Denean Dale on YouTube

To become Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch, you'll need a festive frock or a Christmas jumper, along with a used soda can covered in a sock to create that epic hairstyle. Follow the above tutorial for more tips on becoming the sweetest Who in Whosville.

So now you've got your costume sorted, all you'll have to worry about is what's in the witches' brew punch bowl!

Images: Henson Associates, Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd. (1); Scream Queens (1) /YouTube; Courtesy Brands (8)