Heidi Klum Hints At A Halloween Costume That Could Be Tied To One From Her Past

When I was a kid, my favorite part of Halloween was the trick-or-treating, obviously. But now that I'm all grown up, it's waiting to see what Heidi Klum will go as for Halloween. Celebrity costumes are always exciting, but Klum loves the holiday so much that she really takes it to the next level. She outdoes herself from one year to the next, and somehow always keeps her choice secret until the very last minute. Even though this year is no exception, we did get a little clue, because Klum dropped a hint about her Halloween costume on The Ellen Show. Call me crazy, but I'm wondering if she might go as... herself. But herself as a baby.

Klum was in costume on the show already — as Maddie Ziegler, the girl who dances in the Sia music videos — to match DeGeneres, who was dressed as Sia herself. But obviously that isn't even close to being complicated enough to be Klum's real costume. And, if we're being real, the model is kind of always dressed up as a feminist icon, because that's just who she is on a day-to-day basis, what with the way she refuses to censor herself and really celebrates her body. So she technically had two costumes on already, before we're even getting to the big one.

Even though Klum wouldn't reveal exactly what that big one is, she did give a potentially revealing hint to DeGeneres, telling her that she'll be going as something that's "made in Germany." Take a look at their interview, and admire DeGeneres' commendable efforts to get Klum to spill those beans.

Made in Germany, huh? As DeGeneres points out, Klum herself is "made in Germany," so maybe she's going as a younger version of herself? And since this is Klum we're talking about, and she doesn't do things halfway, especially Halloween costumes, maybe she's going as the youngest possible version of herself? Like Baby Heidi Klum?

It might sound impossible, but themodel has never let that stop her before. And plus, going as Baby Heidi would be the perfect opposite to Klum's old woman costume, which she donned in 2013. She actually named that look as her favorite, so I'm betting that's the bar for her, and she's looking for a way to top that costume specifically.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But who knows. If there's one thing we can rely on with Klum, it's that none of us will be prepared for whatever costume she has in the works. Whether it's Baby Heidi, a Porsche like Ellen DeGeneres guessed, or a strudel, like Klum teased, I'm betting this "made in Germany" look is going to blow our Lederhosen clean off.

Images: EllenTube